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looking for anyone who knew David Merrells

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  • looking for anyone who knew David Merrells

    I had a friend called David Merrells who lived in Jakarta from 1988 until his death in September 2016. He was 40 when he went to live there, an English teacher from Southend, very tall, well over 6 feet with dark curly hair. He was involved in Education and also wrote a column for the Jakarta24 magazine. He had an Indonesian partner. His death was sudden at the age of 68 although his health had not been good for a few years. Because he was buried in Jakarta his friends in England where he would return nearly every year have had no chance to recognize his extraordinary life and talents. We are in the process of compiling a book of memories with contributions from many friends, photographs etc. but our knowledge of his life in Jakarta is extremely limited and his partner speaks little English. If anyone remembers him I would be enormously grateful for any information or anecdotes. I can be reached at [email protected] David Lindsey

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    I don’t know him and i hope you can find anyone who can provide more insights about mr. Merrells, but a question, if i may: since his partner speaks very little english, why not ask anyone who speaks both language to bridge the gap between you and the partner? I’d think an interpreter would be very helpful, seeing you’ll get your infos from the partner who is the closest source you could get.


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      Good morning
      Same thoughts as Pixelmeow. I speak both languages, so if I can help, send me a message to my inbox


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        Dear Mister,
        that is really kind of you. Let me try and sort something out. Since David died we have not had much contact with Lija but I will see if their email account is
        still active and then perhaps I could write a letter in English for you to translate before I send it. Then I can send you her reply. That would certainly be a
        start. Thanks again. I haven't heard from anyone else but I forget how big a city Jakarta is. I always assume all the Brits know one another ! I can't even
        find anyone who was connected with the Jakarta24 magazine which seems to have folded about 5 years ago.
        I will get back to you soon, yours, David Lindsey.


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          Hi David

          Maybe you can try to contact these guys as well
          As a teacher he might knew some guys within this organisation. I am just assuming. Other than that, let me know what I can do.