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    Hello All,
    My name is Lisa. I currently reside in USA. I am looking to move to Indonesia in the next couple of years and I would like to make sure I am fully prepared for the move. I would like to work in the field of Social Work and I am pursuing my degree here in the states. I want to make sure I am prepared for the move as much as possible and I am sincerely hoping this move will be possible I am currently looking to learn Bahasa Indonesian and as much about the culture as possible. I want to make sure that I am culturally aware and sensitive to all people in the world and I don't want to accidentally offend anyone. Americans seem to be known for their arrogance and I would like to represent the culture I am from in a positive light. Any information that anyone can give about: living expenses, job opportunities, language pointers and help, places to visit, possible issues I may encounter in trying to move and make my home in Indonesia, moving my pet to Indonesia (I can't go without him, he is like my child) any do's and any don'ts would be very welcome advise too. I look forward to speaking and getting to know all of you and thank you for your time.

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    Welcome to the forum Lisa!
    maybe this link can help you give some helpful information about living in Indonesia
    may i know where are you going to live in Indonesia? Jakarta?
    i want better public transportation in ct ._.[/FONT][/COLOR]


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      Hii.. Welcome to Indonesia..


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        Originally posted by wisnu89 View Post
        Welcome to the forum Lisa!
        maybe this link can help you give some helpful information about living in Indonesia
        may i know where are you going to live in Indonesia? Jakarta?
        Thank you for your help. I am still learning how to use this forum please be patient as I am not very good at this...


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          Well Sujendra, it will be a two to three years before I actually arrive. At least that is the plan. I am excited. Thank you for the warm welcome


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            Welcome to the forum Lisa9876
            Have you ever visited Indonesia/ south east asia?
            I would strongly advise you to do so before you move here permanently.

            It is impossible to explain in a nutshell such a country. It depends on where you intend to live, it depends upon your visa status, it depends upon your financial situation.
            I am not sure that it is possible for a foreigner to work in social work here, legitimately.
            Maybe if you pursue your degree, then your master's you could look at work with an NGO?
            The regulations for employment here are quite stringent.
            Indonesia is not a country that you can just fly into and start working- check out some threads in the forum, using the search tool. x

            Moving a pet - well depending on what the pet is... maybe if its a snail or something...
            Personally I think it is cruel to dogs/cats to cage them up stick them in an aeroplane for hours on end then shove them into some sort of quarantine for weeks/ months.
            Indonesia in some areas is ok with dogs and people like to eat them, same with cats- I recently asked hubby why not many stray dogs in the area I live in, he says (so it has to be the truth ) that people have caught them and eaten them.
            I also hear of lots of cases where dogs have been poisoned/ stolen.
            The other downside to shipping dogs/ cats is the cost... probably double the cost of your own airfare... again, lots of topics in here use the search facility on the top right hand side of the page.
            So think long and hard... what is the best for your pet??? not, what is the best for you.

            The climate here is varied too depending on where you live, where I am- Bandung is up in the hills and is quite temperate, I have no need for A/C (which is great because I hate it). In fact I am often sat around wearing a jacket feeling a bit chilly of an evening- always good for sleep

            The people are varied too. The languages... well lots of them.
            So I would advise you to spend the next few years figuring out your career path.
            Probably getting an English degree and a teaching qualification would be the best / easiest way for you to be gainfully employed when you arrive here.
            I have a social care background, I have a degree and 20+ years work experience I have not yet found a job (in my specialist field) but hey-ho I've only been here 3 years...

            Have a back up plan and stick to it... save some cash and put it in an emergency account- say $2000 this will buy you a ticket out again should you need to leave.
            Don't end up on the breadline here, there isn't one. If you have no cash here you starve... there are no welfare checks or safety net- embassies don't do bank loans or freebie air-tickets home...

            So for the next few years in this order;
            1, decide if social work is really worthwhile pursuing if you actually want a career in Indonesia... because they don't even use foreign doctors and nurses here unless in special circumstances.
            2, once you realise that a degree in social work will be less use than a degree in weaving chocolate- select a career/education path that actually does offer employment to foreigners- one that pays very well would be a bonus.
            3, learn about Indonesia... read proper books about it, its history and its different islands/ provinces/ cities...
            4... come back to us and ask us more specific questions about specific areas, needs, experiences etc... the people in here , on the whole are lovely (ahem- some are not.) and will do what they can to help and advise you. point 4, rinse and repeat
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              Welcome, Lisa!
              Life is a bumpy road. If you keep positive, you will be just fine.


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                Welcome Lisa. Lol, listen to Bad_azz! And as a small note, I have met plenty of people from other countries that are rude travelers. Don't be so apologetic for who you are or where you are from. Go out, be courteous and respectful to citizens of the world but have some pride in the US and the opportunities it has provided you with. And no matter what you do, you will offend someone. It's impossible not to. Good luck!