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  • Life in Aceh

    As salam alaykum, I wanted to find out more about Aceh and life there in general. I'm from Serbia and I'm a Muslim Bosnjak. I grew up in Germany and now live in Sandzak.
    I started practicing Islam properly 10 years ago. As it is the duty of every Muslim to make Hijra in a Muslim country, I have never lost sight of this goal.
    Now I think the time has come to be more active.

    My requirements: The more Islamic the better. Of course, my dream would be Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, this is not possible for a number of reasons. So I thought that Aceh, with its "Sharia-Light-Version", could be the closest thing, where you can live with a smaller budget and where the requirements for permanent residence are not so strict. Of course, the beautiful landscapes is also a tremendous reason. There's no denying that : )

    I have a lot of questions: Would a hijra be recommended?
    Which Islam or Manhaj is most common there? Are there sects? If yes, which ones and how many?
    Is the Sharia consistently implemented, even if it is more of a moral nature?
    How corruptible are civil servants and police officers?
    Is life in Aceh dangerous for a stranger who is alone?

    Thank you for your attention

    (translated from German)

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    Originally posted by npa_adem View Post
    ...where the requirements for permanent residence are not so strict...

    I don't know Aceh , so I will comment only about permanent residence .

    As Aceh has to follow the Indonesian Laws , permanent residence is not easy to get , in my view . I suggest you to be sure you are eligible for it , if you does not know yet . And also if you are eligible to work in Indonesia , if you intend to .

    For the other questions you can check the internet for something like : "bagaimana kehidupan di Aceh" , "cara hidup di Aceh" , or even in English .