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Meeting new people upon arrival at Batu/Malang

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  • Meeting new people upon arrival at Batu/Malang


    My name is Celine, I'm 26, French and coming to settle in Batu on Friday 11th of January, for a job.
    I'd like to be able to make contact with new people, to chat, visit and get to know the place while having fun in good company !

    Is anyone living by and interested?

    Thank you in advance for your answers

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    I am so excited but i am living in jakarta..


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      Where in the world did you find a company to hire you in Batu? I wouldn't imagine much big business in Batu that would be able to hire a foreigner. I have lived in Batu a little over a year. Is plenty of expats around, especially in Selecta. Just in my neighborhood there is atleast 7 expats out of maybe 50 houses.

      Also just make sure you have a proper visa for your job. People can get you in big trouble if they find out you don't have proper documents. Especially the manager of the area you will be living.