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Renting near Makassar Airport

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  • Renting near Makassar Airport

    It looks like I will be relocating to take up a six month contract in Makassar. The position is in Biring Kanaya, which is out of the city near the airport.

    The allowance is AU$300 a month for accommodation. Being only short term it will probably be best if it were furnished. I would also like a decent kitchen.

    Any ideas of how to find such a place?

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    Try searching the internet for something like : sewa rumah atau apartemen di Biring Kanaya dekat bandara

    Don't you have any Indonesian colleague in Biring to help you on that ?

    Just for comparison , in Bandung (around 3 million inhabitants) it is difficult to find a small western type/furnished house to rent . Most western type/furnished houses for rent are big (minimum 3 bedrooms) , and usually the owners require one year rent payment in advance . Because of that I guess that the small houses to rent in Biring Kanaya are probably not furnished (and with Indonesian bathroom style , no shower , no heated water) . But I also guess that the rent are a lot cheaper there (compared to Bandung) , so you still may find a furnished western style house for AU$300/month .
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      I do not know anyone there. The Admin where I am to work said they will see if they can find something suitable. Anything I have seen is in the main city area.

      Not going to be there until about April next year so plenty of time I hope.


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        Although you will stay mostly in the dry season , you may still face a big rain so I suggest you to check if the house is not in a flooding area .


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          That's good advice. I am sure there are about a thousand things to take into account and I am sure to miss half of them.