Selamat Sore guys,

Hope you are well.
With my family we are moving to Jakarta in the next couple of weeks and the best way for me to learn Indonesian was to actually create an app as I need techy stuff so that it sticks in my brain.
The app is free to download on your Android (only Android sorry as it was too expensive to publish on the Apple store) as this is not the full version but it contains already quite some advanced courses. We tried to make it a bit fun with some games

I thought you might be interested to use it.

Here is the content of the app:
• Vowels Pronunciation in Indonesian
• Consonants Pronunciation in Indonesian
• Formal Pronouns
• Tenses
• Some Common Verbs to Start
• Numbers
• Days of The Week
• Months of The Year
• Notion of Time
• Asking Questions
• Common Expressions and Words
This app provides the following features:
• Free audio from a native Indonesian (so that users can hear the right pronunciation)
• Performance statistics
• Several learning modes (simply study and play games or be part of a story that will guide your learning)
• Games
• Order The Sentence
• Drag and Drop The Answer
• Type The Answer
• Multi-Choice Questionnaire

Rather than the app sitting in the android play store I thought I would rather share it with you. Hopefully it will help you learn level1 of Indonesian like it did to me