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Average price for bahasa Indonesian tuition?

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    Originally posted by namasaya View Post
    200,000 an hour :O I'm surprised not more locals are doing this kinda work
    Actually from reading this forum I get the impression that a lot of people are in the biz, or at least would like to be.

    But being a native speaker does not automatically make one a good language tutor. A qualified teacher has to:

    • Speak English well with a decent command of vocabulary (if someone asks what "silsilah" or "menginsut" means, do you immediately know the English word?)
    • Know Indonesian grammar rules thoroughly
    • Be able to explain Indonesian grammar in English (all the better if you can draw parallels between parts of speech in Indonesian and parts of speech in English)
    • Come up with suitable lesson plans that are neither too easy nor too hard, and that are interesting, relevant, and tailored to the needs of specific students
    • Have an enthusiastic, confident, and warm personality even if you are feeling a bit tired or under the weather
    • Be willing to travel to various locations on a regular basis, and make sure to arrive promptly without fail, despite the challenges of Jakarta traffic

    It's not easy to fulfill all of those criteria. That's one reason a really good personal tutor can command pretty good fees.
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