Help Spouse Come Back After Deportation

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  • elimpetra
    • Jul 2022
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    Help Spouse Come Back After Deportation

    please help me, my wife got deported for 6 months overstay, because the agent who took care of him didn't do it right, and he wanted to return to Indonesia, and what was the process of pencabutan cekal
  • marcus
    • Jul 2008
    • 9247

    Deportation in this case usually is registered in the "black list" for 6 months but in practice the name will be there forever unless somebody ask Immigration to take the name out of the "black list" .

    So , after this 6 month period you need to make a request to the Direktur Penyidikan dan Penindakan Keimigrasian at the main Immigration office : Sentra Mulia Jalan Haji R. Rasuna Said No.Kav X-6, 8 RT.16/RW.4 Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12940 (see more information at .

    See the process details at http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...669#post232669 (post no.30 , how to get out of the black list)

    Before going there ask them what to do , like downloading a specific request form or a sample letter of the?? Permohonan pencabutan penangkalan or Permohonan pencabutan cekal , documents to bring , ..

    These are some of the communication channels available :
    [...Direktur Penyidikan dan Penindakan Keimigrasian Telp. (021) 522-46-58 eks 2303, 2318...]

    Ditjen Imigrasi | Facebook
    DitJen Imigrasi (@ditjen_imigrasi) / Twitter
    Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi (@ditjen_imigrasi) • Instagram photos and videos

    Poster's Note : People have been saying that in general it is very difficult to call Immigration , you need to be very patient and try many times in different times of the day .


    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...766#post139766 (how to clear a name from the black list, post no.15)


    • marcus
      • Jul 2008
      • 9247

      I just read the first document (see below) about the "black list" and it looks like Immigration changed things in your favor (in November 2021) , but better you check it further as it is in Indonesian and I may have translated wrongly .

      I suggest you to apply for an Indonesian Visa at (visa online without sponsor)or at (visa online with sponsor) . This because it is possible that , if you are still in the blacklist , you will be informed there .

      From the Regulation below I understand that now the foreigner's name should be manually cleared from the blacklist . So before your wife buys the ticket back to Indonesia , I suggest you to ask Immigration if it really cleared the name (if possible to get a written statement that the name was indeed cleared from the blacklist , so your wife can show it at the airport if the officer says the name is still there) .


      [Pasal 1 / Article 1
      Dalam Peraturan Menteri ini yang dimaksud dengan:
      9. Penangkalan adalah larangan terhadap Orang Asing untuk masuk Wilayah Indonesia berdasarkan alasan Keimigrasian.

      Pasal 25
      Penangkalan berakhir karena:
      a. jangka waktu yang ditetapkan telah habis;
      b. dicabut oleh Menteri; atau
      c. yang bersangkutan telah memenuhi kewajiban membayar biaya beban atau denda ketika dikenakan Tindakan Administrasi Keimigrasian

      Pasal 27
      (1) Dalam hal Penangkalan berakhir berdasarkan alasan sebagaimana dimaksud dalam Pasal 25, Pejabat Imigrasi yang ditunjuk pada kesempatan pertama mencabut nama
      orang yang dikenai Penangkalan dari daftar Penangkalan.
      (2) Pencabutan nama orang dari daftar Penangkalan sebagaimana dimaksud pada ayat (1), disampaikan kepada Menteri Luar Negeri, Kepala Perwakilan Republik Indonesia, dan Kepala Kantor Imigrasi di seluruh Wilayah? Indonesia melalui aplikasi cegah dan tangkal SIMKIM.

      ............................................ ..... ........................

      Not an official translation :

      Article 1
      In this Ministerial Regulation what is meant by:
      9. Deterrence is a prohibition against foreigners to enter the Indonesian Territory based on Immigration reasons.

      Part Three - End of Deterrence

      Article 25
      The Deterrence ends because:
      a. the stipulated time period has expired;
      b. revoked by the Minister; or
      c. the concerned person has fulfilled the obligation to pay charged fees or fines when subjected to the Immigration Administration Action .

      Article 27
      (1) In case the Deterrence ends based on reason as referred to in Article 25, an Immigration Officer appointed at the first opportunity clears the person's name from the list of Deterrence.
      (2) Clearing of the person's name from the Deterrence's list as referred to in paragraph (1), is submitted to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Head of Indonesian Embassies , and Head of Immigration Offices in Indonesia through the SIMKIM prevention and deterrence application.