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  • marcus
    From , 17 April 2022

    60 days Visit Visa single entry (except Tourism) : Rp2 million (was US$50)

    60 days Tourism Visit Visa single entry : Rp1.5 million (was US$50)

    180 days Visit Visa single entry : Rp6 million (didn't exist before)

    30 days single entry Visit Visa extension : Rp500'000 (did not change)

    60 days Visit Stay Permit : Rp2 million (didn't exist before)
    Poster's Note : so this is the 60 days extension

    180 days Visit Stay Permit for pre-investment : Rp6 million (didn't exist before , not applicable yet)
    Poster's Note : this seems to be the extension for the Multiple entries Visit Visa

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  • marcus
    started a topic Visit Visa Extension - New Rule

    Visit Visa Extension - New Rule

    From , 11 May 2022
    Title : Implementation of Permenkumham 29/2021, Immigration Adjusts the Mechanism of Extension and Immigration Stay Permit Rates

    [...the extension of the Visit Stay Permit (ITK) for a maximum of 60 days at a rate of Rp. 2,000,000. There is no increase in rates for the 30-day ITK extension originating from Visa on Arrival, the applicable rate is still Rp. 500,000," said Setyaji...
    Poster's Note : By the general Indonesian price standard , if 30 days cost Rp500k , 60 days would be around Rp850k

    The regulation confirms that a Visit Stay Permit (ITK) originating from a One-Time (sigle entry) Visit Visa can be extended for a maximum of 60 days, provided that the entire length of stay – including the extension of the ITK – is not more than 180 days.
    Poster's Note : Before was up to 4 times 30 days extensions , now it became up to 2 times 60 days extensions or just get the 180 days Visit Visa for Rp6 million . Less bureaucracy for foreigners who want to stay longer but a big increase in price

    Foreigners born in Indonesia may be granted a First Visit Stay Permit for a period of 60 days.

    “ITK extension originating from VOA can be done based on the domicile of the Foreigner at the time he/she extends. For example, if a foreigner enters Indonesia via Bali and then changes residence to Labuan Bajo, the foreigner can extend the VOA at the local immigration office," he continued.

    Fee rate adjustments also apply to Multiple Entry Visas. Multiple Entry Visa consists of a period of 60 days and 180 days. This type of visa is only intended for four types of activities, namely government, family visits, business, and pre-investment.
    Poster's Note : Looking the Regulation it shows that now one can also extend the usual 60 days stay per entry but only the pre-investment type has the 180 days extension option (as ialso stated in the price list - see post no.2 below)

    Foreigners who still need to carry out activities in Indonesia can also apply for an Onshore Visit Visa through or take a status transfer mechanism at the immigration office of their domicile area, which of course must meet a number of conditions.]