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Lost marriage certificates when travling

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  • Lost marriage certificates when travling

    As title say both marriage certs have been lost while traveling. We were married in Indonesia how do we go about replacing them in Indonesia?

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    As you said "both marriage certs", I assume you married at KUA (Muslim marriage) , as KUA issues 2 certificates , 1 for the husband + 1 for the wife .

    Tite : Duplicate marriage book for free according to PMA Number 20 of 2019
    By Gita Amanda , Dec 2021 (REPUBLIKA.CO.ID)

    [The Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) provides convenience for couples whose marriage books are damaged or lost. They can come to the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) with the conditions that have been determined to ask for a duplicate of the marriage book. Head of the Sub-Directorate of Quality for Facilities, Infrastructure and Information Systems of the Directorate General of Islamic Guidance at the Ministry of Religion, Jajang Ridwan explained, for damaged or lost marriage books, duplicates can be issued free of charge in accordance with PMA Number 20 of 2019 concerning Marriage Registration. “For couples whose marriage certificates are damaged or lost, they can go to the KUA to ask for a duplicate of the document. This service is free of charge," said Jajang in his statement in Jakarta, Monday (13/12), in a press release. Apart from being free, according to Jajang, the process of replacing a lost marriage book is also not too long. If the couple brings the necessary things, then the KUA will have no difficulty in providing a duplicate of the marriage certificate. The duplicate of the marriage certificate provided is exactly the same as the original. He added, the public can get a duplicate of the marriage book for free at KUA with several conditions, namely

    if the marriage book is damaged, the applicant comes to KUA with the damaged marriage book, ID card, and a photo size 2x3 with a blue background.

    “If the marriage certificate is lost, come to the KUA with a Loss Certificate from the Police, an ID card, and a 2x3 photo with a blue background. If only 1 marriage book is damaged or lost from a pair of marriage books, only 1 will be replaced with a duplicate marriage book.

    Duplicate marriage books are issued only for damaged or lost marriage books," he said. Jajang emphasized that KUA has the right to refuse if the applicant cannot attach the conditions that have been set. “KUA may reject the applicant's request if they cannot attach the conditions. It could be a mod," he said.]


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      Title : Lost the Marriage Book, How to Take Care of It? Follow the Way Yuk!
      By Hariyanto , Nov 2021

      [...Then how to take care of a letter of loss/Surat Kehilangan from the police . Letter of Loss from the Police is one of the requirements to take care of making new lost documents, one of which is a marriage book or marriage card. Then you need to file a loss report at the nearest police station. You should not delay in taking care of this letter of loss. It is feared that this document could be misused by others. After all, you only need to take the time to come to the police station. In fact, the Police in certain areas have opened an online service to process letters of loss. Not only a marriage certificate or marriage book, you can also take care of a letter of loss of STNK, a letter of loss of an ATM, a letter of loss of an ID card, and other important documents. You can get this letter of loss by visiting the Polsel, Polres, or Polda offices. The time required to administer the SKTLK is relatively short, only about 5-10 minutes. The following are some of the requirements for making a letter of loss at the Police:
      1. Show your identity card
      2. Prepare the data to be reported... you should write down what is missing. The police will also ask for the approximate location and time of the loss. For example yesterday in the afternoon when you were at the market, or maybe when you traveled using public transportation. If you don't remember the exact time and location, you can answer with the closest estimate. Remember the last time you used the lost document. You can answer honestly and tell the officer what you remember.
      3. Copy of lost document(s) if any

      Police officers of the Republic of Indonesia will examine your report and ensure the accuracy of the data you provide. The police will also ask several questions regarding this report of your loss. Now, to get SKTLK services from the Police, there is no charge alias free...]


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        Thanks for help Marcus.

        We are christians is the process the same?


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          Looks like similar . That Government document (PMA Number 20 of 2019) seems applicable to KUA only . In your case , the document is from the city's Government , so it will depend on your specific city's Regulation . Looking the city of Semarang's rule (see below) , I guess you can get the idea of how it will be in your city .

          Terms and Procedures for Management of Damaged or Lost Civil Registry Deeds:
          To duplicate the lost deed quote by bringing the following requirements:
          1. Statement letter damaged/lost from the person concerned
          2. Certificate of loss (Surat keterangan kehilangan) from the local police
          3. Photocopy of the lost deed
          4. Resubmit the original damaged deed quote
          5. Photocopy of KK and KTP
          6. Court Decision regarding Change of Name or gender
          7. Immigration Documents (only for foreign nationals)
          1. The applicant submits request for a duplicate of the Civil Registration Deed
          2. Registration officers verify and validate population data
          3. The registration officer makes a duplicate of the Civil Registration Deed Quotation as well as makes a margin note on the Civil Registration Deed Quotation
          4. The registrar records into the population database
          5. The Head of Service signs and issues a duplicate of the Civil Registration Deed Quotation
          6. Applicant receives a Civil Registry Deed Quotation