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Updating info on kitas while abroad

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  • Updating info on kitas while abroad


    I renewed my canadian passport a few months ago. Which changed its number. My current kitas has the old passport number. I was denied boarding my plane to go back to Indonesia yesterday. A photocopy of my old passport was not enough.
    They said either get the kitas updated or have your old passport with you.
    My wife will go immigration on Monday to see about updating this info on my kitas.
    Anyone knows how that will go? Simple and quick or cruelly difficult?
    Im also on standby to see if I myself can do something about it from here in Canada, maybe at the embassy.

    Last resort is my neighbor having to break into a safe containing my old passport and sending it to Canada so I can travel home to my family who I dearly miss.
    Thank you

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    UnfortunatelyI guess it will not be easy for you , if I understood well what you meant .

    The only option I know (besides carrying the 2 passports) is to ask your Indonesian city's Immigration to update your data (to copy the ITAS & Re-Entry Permit's stamp of the old passport into the new passport plus update the KITAS/eITAS) , but for this you need to temporarily give Immigration the 2 passports together .

    I don't know (and never heard of) any other solution , but yes , you better ask the Indonesian Embassy in Canada and/or legalize your old passport's copy .

    The way I see it , besides the different passport number in the KITAS , your new passport also lacks the Re-Entry Permit (although many may not know that Indonesia requires a Re-Entry Permit for foreign residents) . So be alerted that , even if you somehow arrive in Indonesia , the Indonesian Immigration may ask for these 2 things (updated KITAS + Re-Entry Permit) .


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      I left indonesia in July with the current setup with no issues. Sounds like although my wife will go immigration Monday, I'll have to go the embassy here in Canada.

      I have a photo of my old passport, if it could be legalized would be nice. Never really been aware of re entry permit.

      Having my old passport mailed here to travel with would help making it back right? 

      Might have indeed to send both passports for them to update everything. 


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        Originally posted by rajaduku View Post
        ...Having my old passport mailed here to travel with would help making it back right?

        Yes , I think so . I did travel back to Indonesia this way in 2017 (new passport + old cancelled passport with valid ITAS & Re-Entry Permit's stamp) and there was no problem .


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          Ok. Kitas still valid until end of January. Just with old passport number. Unsure of re entry stamp. I can have clarifications tomorrow when offices open. 


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            Thank you Marcus, all those years and you're still a great help here