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Spouse sponsored KITAS (NPWP question)

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  • Spouse sponsored KITAS (NPWP question)


    After many years of having a KITAS sponsored by my employer, I'm hoping to have my next one sponsored by my wife.

    I read somewhere that we need to provide a copy of my wife's NPWP as part of the process. The problem is, she's now a housewife and has never previously had a NPWP. However, I have one myself.

    So, I'm just wondering if anyone knows if that will cause a problem or not when we apply?


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    NPWP was never required in your case , and as far as I know it is not required now too .

    I heard there is a new rule for sponsors that will start being applied next year , which will require more from sponsors (proof of having some available amount of money) . But even this will not be applicable to your case , as by Law the Indonesian spouse doesn't need to be financially responsible for the foreign spouse .

    UU no.6 Tahun 2011 - Immigration Law , not an official translation
    Article 63
    (1) Foreigner residing in Indonesia must have a sponsor that guarantees his/her existence.

    (2) The sponsor is responsible for the existence and activities of the foreigner and has the duty to report any change in the foreigner's : civil status, immigration status, and address changes.

    (3) The sponsor has to pay the costs incurred to repatriate the foreign or removes the guarrantee if the foreigner :

    a. has an expired residence permit and / or

    b. is subjected to the Immigration Administrative Measures' Deportation.

    (4) The provisions concerning the guarantee do not apply to foreigners who are legally married with Indonesians .

    (5) ...


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      Okay, so we shouldn't have any problems then.

      Thanks, Marcus. I really appreciate your fast response.


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        Just to confirm what I said above , next year Indonesian sponsors in general (except Indonesians : sponsoring their foreign spouses or (?)children from mixed marriages) will have to comply with new requirements .

        PerMen No. 36 Tahun 2021 About Immigration Sponsorship (valid starting 17 or 20 March 2022)
        Article 2
        (1) Foreigners residing in the Territory of Indonesia must have Sponsor(s) who guarantee(s) their existence.
        (4) Provisions regarding guarantees do not apply to foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens.
        (5) Foreigners as referred to in paragraph (4) are required to have a person in charge consisting of:
        a. husband or wife of Indonesian citizenship; or
        b. Indonesian : father or mother.

        Article 4
        (2) An individual Sponsor... must meet the following requirements:
        a. be at least 21 years old or married;
        b. reside in Indonesia for at least the last 6 months
        c. not being currently in a criminal justice process;
        d. not being listed in the immigration prevention list; and
        e. having a fixed income and/or sufficient active funds to guarantee the foreigner.

        Article 6
        (1) Registration of individual Sponsors... is to be requested to the Director General .
        (2) The application as referred to in paragraph (1) is carried out enclosing the following requirements:
        a. application letter
        b. a statement of his/her ability to be responsible for : the existence and activities of the guaranteed foreigner, and the return to the country of origin if the foreigner violates
        the provisions of the legislation;
        c. KTP/Indonesian ID card or Indonesian passport
        d. NPWP/taxpayer identification number;
        e. proof of check account, savings book, or time deposit for the last 3 (three) months in the name of the sponsor of at least Rp. 100,000,000.00
        f. white background photo


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          hi mr.MIko

          for the submission of the Spouse Kitas, these are the only requirements..
          • Passport with minimum 18 (eighteen) months validity.
          • Photograph, sized in 3 cm x 4 cm: 2 pieces, red background.
          • Marriage Certificate (Akta Nikah)
          • ID Card (KTP) of Indonesian spouse.
          • Family Card (Kartu Keluarga) of Indonesian spouse.
          • Birth certificate (Akta Lahir) of Indonesian spouse.
          • Detail address in Indonesia
          • Origin address
          • Vaccine certificates
          • Certificates of PCR test with negative result
          • Health Insurance
          if you need help i can help you..

          thank you..