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Getting a MERP from Bali

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  • Getting a MERP from Bali

    Hello peeps!

    Now living in Bali, but need to travel overseas early next year. Just wondering if anyone knows if you can get an MERP from Denpasar but if your KITAP was granted in Tangerang? Surely I wouldn't have to fly back to Jakarta just to get an MERP, would I? 
    Many thanks for any input!!


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    I didn't see any Regulation which tells about that , but also never heard of somebody getting a MERP from a different Immigration office/Kantor Imigrasi where his/her KITAP was issued (or his/her designated Kantor Imigrasi) . Therefore , just now , you probably will need to get it in Tangerang .

    By the way , it is a criminal offense (although no case yet) to move to another place without reporting your new address to Immigration . The usual procedure is reporting and moving also your personal data file from Tangerang to Bali (after doing this , then you can get a MERP in Bali) .

    UU no.6 , year 2011 (Immigration Law - not an official translation)
    Article 71
    Each foreigner residing in Indonesia shall:
    a. provide all necessary information regarding his/her identity and / or identity of his/her family, and report any changes in : civil status, nationality, occupation, sponsorship, or a change of address to the local Immigration Office; or

    Article 116
    Each foreigner who do not perform his/her obligations as stipulated in Article 71 shall be punished with a maximum confinement of 3 (three) months or a fine of up to 25,000,000 (twenty five million rupiah).


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      Thanks for the info Marcus, I just moved so will register change of address asap with local Kanim...


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        hi sir..
        you can do MUTATION from tangerang to bali, so you don't need to go to tangerang.. if you need help, I can help you sir.. for your MUTATION and MERP issuance

        thank you,