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  • Marriage in Indonesia - document

    Hi, my name is Dariusz, im from Europe and now i living in Indonesia, I want married here but i have one problem about document from my embassy ( Letter of No Impediment to Marriage). My story:

    Before, I was married to an Indonesian woman, the wedding was in my country, here in Indonesia we divorced, I did not return to my country and I stayed in Indonesia. The embassy said that as I want this document, I must first record my divorce in my country (here the embassy does not help). The problem is that I can't go back to my country and back to Indonesia because of Covid-19. Divorce documents I have (court judgment, that it is final and divorce certificate from civil office).

    The pandemic is getting worse and worse and I don't see a chance for improvement. My partner and I only have Nikah-Siri, and six months ago we had a son.

    Does anyone know if something can be done in this situation?

    Other documents - no problem
    Religion - no problem

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    I suggest you to talk to the officers of the KUA (for Muslims) or the priest of the church where you intend to marry . One option that was already accepted is a notarized statement (in Indonesia) with 2 witnesses from your country .

    More than 10 years ago I made this notarized statement , but in my own country , and it was accepted by my local Indonesian KUA (and later accepted also by Immigration when its officer wanted to check my marriage for a KITAS) . But I have to say that it was not easy for the Immigration officer to accept it . He said the Indonesian rule requires the document to be issued by the Embassy . I said that my country's rule didn't allow my Embassy to do that (at that time , now my Embassy is issuing the document) . He then asked me to bring the KUA officer to talk to him , so I did .

    I heard of another case where a foreigner made a notarized statement in Indonesia , instead of the Embassy's document .


    This is the content of the notarized statement I made :

    Public Declaration Deed
    To whom it may concern that , on this date , (my name , my profession , my identity card , my address) , identified by me , a Notary of (his credentials) , through the identification document presented and which I did verify . Thus , here , the principal declarant , has declared to me , by his own free will , that his civil ststus is ... This act has taken place in front of the witnesses : (identification of the 2 witnesses) , who declare that they know the present declarant (my name) , and that they confirm the fact that he is ... Finally, for the principal declarant and witnesses , they made the present declaration by their own free will , obliguing them to respond both civilly or criminally to all the declaration provided herein , as well as ratifying in Court or with any other entity , at any time , if bound to , ...