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Jakarta Immigration's Phone number ?

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  • Jakarta Immigration's Phone number ?

    Can somebody please give me the phone number to the person/people who are in charge of Kitap extension in Jakarta immigrasi ? Been waiting far too long already...... Thank you !

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    I don't have , but you need to define which Immigration Office in Jakarta . I guess Jakarta has around 4 Kantor Imigrasi .


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      Anyway , if you already submitted the request for the KITAP extension at least one day before it expires , you probably know that you don't need to worry about the delay , right ?
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        Thanks  Marcus, i will start to find out to which one they sent it to from Surabya....yes i know i dont have to worry about the delay, i just wanna get back to Finland asap. They told me its gonna take a month when i submitted it, its been 2 now... Thanks again for beeing here for all of us and please take good care of yourself, stay healthy !!!!!


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          Ah , I thought you lived in Jakarta . So you need to contact th main office in Jakarta , the Immigration General Directorate , specifically the Direktorat Izin Tinggal Keimigrasian , I guess . The problem is that they are not good in answering the phone and/or email .

          By the way , did you submit it manually at Surabaya Kantor Imigrasi or online ?

          Email: [email protected] ; Hotline : 1500116

          Email: [email protected] ; [email protected]
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            From (Aug 2020)
            How to contact Indonesian immigration office
            Note : But referring to questions about the online system

            ... immigration office Ngurah Rai will most likely suggest you to contact @ditjen_imigrasi on Instagram... Email: [email protected] ... WhatsApp: +6282113767654 ...

            So let me summarise how you can contact the Indonesian immigration office
            You have the options to call, email, send a WhatsApp- or Instagram message. If you are lucky you get a reply, but most likely you won’t have so much time to wait for an answer. I leaves one with the feeling that the system is build this way in order to create jobs for visa agents. I am curious what were your experiences when trying to contact the immigration office of Indonesia? Please leave a comment below.


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              Facebook :


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                Sorry , I do have the phone number but it is from 2013 , I don't know if it is stil valid :

                From my post at http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...-an-indonesian

                ... Called Jakarta 1 week later (021-522.46.58 , extensions 2519 and 2521 , after many tries , succeeded at 4PM , ext. 2519) . One officer said the process was already approved and waiting for me 2 weeks ago . I asked the officer to send it to my city's immigration , by mail ...