Renewing British Passport

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  • Mr Fizzywig
    • May 2014
    • 96

    Renewing British Passport

    I need a bit of advice from anyone who has recently renewed their British passport.

    I have 1 page left on my passport and just got a new kitas, so I have a bit of time to get this done. I went online to see about getting myself a new 50-page passport and was horrified to see that I have to deliver the application and old passport in person to the office.

    I really don't want to have to travel from Medan to Jakarta to drop off my paperwork given the COVID situation. I saw that it is possible to have someone drop off the paperwork and apply on your behalf and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this? I have friends in Jakarta that could do it for me but I would need to know what they would need to be supplied with/take with them to make sure the process goes smoothly. Failing that is it possible to have an agent do it ?

    "He who has no manners has no knowledge..."
  • marcus
    • Jul 2008
    • 9214

    I don't know about it because I am not a UK citizen .

    I don't know if this helps , anyway :

    I recently have to get a document from my Embassy and also it has an option to provide the document trough another person . I would need to make a "Letter of Authority" at an authorized Indonesian Notary . The problem was that in my Embassy's List of Authorized Notaries there was no Notary based in my city or even in a nearby city (most are from Jakarta) . I guess I could convince a specific Notary to do the registration process at my Embassy , but just gave up .


    • Jakarta.Consultant
      • Mar 2021
      • 1

      I am recommended you contact British Migration Solutions (BMS), they are immigration consultant based in Jakarta and a specialist in British immigration & visas.

      You could try to contact them from [email protected] or +628119470104