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Come to Indonesia with Expired MERP

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    Marcus, link for no.1

    About the contact, yes it just regular humas imigrasi. 
    And no, no one answer their social media.. and phone number they put at their website also didn't work.


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      Note : Remember that if you stayed abroad more than 1 year (continuously) , your KITAP is automatically cancelled,

      Do you have a solid Undang - udang written for that? Please post it or links. Even your MERP is valid for 2 years? Thanks.


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        Originally posted by saltnpeppa View Post
        (1)...Do you have a solid Undang - udang written for that?...

        (2) Even your MERP is valid for 2 years?

        Answers revised , please see post no.22 below .


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          Thank you Marcus for your response, I will tell my friend just like you said, I think that is the best way to just come back to Indonesia before 1year.


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            Oh yes , the 1 year abroad limit is in the Law (Article 62 of UU no.6 Year 2011) and I think that the many Surat Edaran (Circular Letter) issued recently cannot change it . But due to this pandemic you better ask Immigration , who knows a waiver is available .


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              Thank you Marcus I really appreciate that.
              I have asked to the person in charge in Kanim Jakarta and he said that the rules still the same. The WNA can't stay out of Indonesia more than one year.


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                Saltnpeppa , sorry , only now I understood your post no.19 above . I thought that "Note" was yours , now I see that it was my Note .

                So see below the related part of the Law . As you see , it doesn't matter if the foreigner has a 2 years MERP .


                UU no.6 Tahun 2011
                Pasal 62
                (1) Izin Tinggal Tetap dapat berakhir karena pemegang Izin Tinggal Tetap:
                a. meninggalkan Wilayah Indonesia lebih dari 1 (satu) tahun atau tidak bermaksud masuk lagi ke Wilayah Indonesia;

                Immigration Law no.6 Year 2011 (not the official translation)
                Article 62
                (1) A Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP) may be terminated if its holder :
                a. Goes abroad and does not return to Indonesia within 1 year ;


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                  Thank you Marcus for the information I really appreciate it.