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Bringing large ammount of cash

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  • Bringing large ammount of cash

    I was asked what my problem was here so here we go.

    Purely by my own ignorance I brought thru borders more then 100,000,000IDR without getting approval of Ministry of foreign affairs (Kementerian Luar Negeri) and National Bank (Bank Indonesia).

    In costumes, my money were taken away from me. Naturally I was not very happy being departed from my possessions and was rather vocal about it. My wife was even more furious then me, but at the end we trully broke customs regulations so we calmed down and apologized. After around 3hrs of being detained, officer of the day for customs said to me leave money with us untill you solve it or fly where you came from and get proper papers. So it was either fly home or trust large amount of money to strangers. We had idea to both fly to Singapore, split the amount and each of us fly back to Indonesia with different flights and days. But we decided not to gamble with money and basically my wife stayed in airport with money and I went to my embassy.

    With guidance of my ambassador and my wife over phone I managed to get in touch with proper authorities. Luar Negeri and BI - mind that my wife at this time was already 48hrs on airport sitting on money. Luar Negeri required from me proof how I got the money (translated into Bahasa). So I show them contract from selling house and car in Europe translated into Bahasa. They did legalisir of contract and write some letter for BI.

    BI took full day to process documents from Luar Negeri but finally second day I got official decleration for my banknotes in exact amount I had in selling contracts.

    I took that paper to custom officers which again counted the money and reported every banknote denomination I brought in including SN.

    After 5 days Customs finally let the money go and we were free to go (we were free to go all the time, but the money were not).

    Later I found out that this process is for regulating pressure on IDR by foreign currencies and watching over transactions on Indonesian soil with foreign currencies.

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    From (Dec 2019)
    [ ... Most countries around the world have currency restrictions when you enter and leave the country. Typically, countries have adopted the US$10,000 limit put in place by the United States. In most of Europe, the limit is 10,000 Euros ...]


    From (Nov 2017)
    [... This requirement is usually in place to combat money laundering and tax evasion. The Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, an international organization, has a series of recommendations for countries to fight money laundering, including Recommendation 32?"Cash Couriers":

    "Countries should have measures in place to detect the physical cross-border transportation of currency an d bearer negotiable instruments, including through a declaration system and/or disclosure system. Countries should ensure that their competent authorities have the legal authority to stop or restrain currency or bearer negotiable instruments that are suspected to be related to terrorist financing, money laundering or predicate offences, or that are falsely declared or disclosed." ...]


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      Originally posted by Yaan-jan View Post
      ... After 5 days Customs finally let the money go and we were free to go (we were free to go all the time, but the money were not) ...

      Thank you for sharing with us .

      Fortunately you didn't lose any money . In the case below the person was fined .

      From (Sept 2019)
      [A 49-year-old man was fined .. for failing to declare that he was carrying US$440,000 in cash when entering Singapore ... at the arrival hall of Changi Airport Terminal 2 ...

      He could have been jailed for up to 3 years, fined a maximum of S$50,000, or both.

      "The police would like to remind the public of the statutory requirement to declare the physical movement of any cash exceeding S$20,000 (or its equivalent in foreign currency) into or out of Singapore, and failure to do so constitutes an offence" the news release added.]