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List of restricted jobs for foreigners?

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  • List of restricted jobs for foreigners?

    Looking for the official list of restricted jobs for foreigners however the links I?ve tried to use from the government website appear to be broken / not loading

    does anyone have a link to as official as possible list of restricted jobs? (if the government site is still down). Not just pasted into here from a news article or something.

    many thanks for your help

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    There is a list of restricted and allowed jobs on the Manpower Ministry website in various documents for various business lines, however, it is not comprehensive (in some business lines if it is not forbidden, it is allowed, or in another business lines there is only allowed positions).

    List for allowed positions was in preparation, however, it was too restrictive and not comprehensive, so it is not approved yet.


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      Thanks Centurion for having a look at this
      given there isn't a complete list as you say on the government website, and or its in Bahasa Indonesia - is there as a backup a list somewhere else and in English? even if not from a legit government website but has been translated and compiled; to some extent. ? cheers

      I'm not looking for a job, I'm I just want the evidence to show that I can't legally work there in my profession without sponsorship from an international firm ?*(I'm a senior quantity surveyor without degree)


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        The list is complete on the government website, however, it is not comprehensive in a sense that- something is allowed, something is forbidden and everything else is free.
        So everything that is regulated is on the link. For positions that are not regulated-specifically forbidden, or specifically allowed, are generally allowed. It is understood that the work positions are positions for skilled workers.

        For example, some of the regulatrions are: Positions Allowed for Foreigners in the Industry so and so, or Positions Forbidden for foreigners in the Industry so and so. This is because regulations were issued in various periods. You can use google translate for the website and for the documents.

        For a position that is allowed (or not forbidden), requirements are 5 years of experience +university degree/or competence certificate. So in your case, if you are certified, it should be possible to work.

        Have on mind that in Indonesia you cannot work without the sponsorship of a firm as the work permit is issued to the company, not to the worker,


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          Thanks for your help mate. Sorted