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Expat salary, how much is too much ?

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  • Expat salary, how much is too much ?

    Hi all, I am negotiating of a work contract with pulp and paper company located in Indonesia. The position would be engineering manager. They have asked my salary be honest I dont have a glue what to say. I dont have any reference of how much expats are earning in Indonesia. If I say 10 000 USD net per month, have I already ruined my chances or is that too little ? I really appreciate some advice in here....

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    It depends, are you alone or with a spouse/kids? Housing provided or not?


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      I would be with a family and housing would be paid. 


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        The company will asess you based on gross costs (or the budget for the position), meaning all the expat package with benefits if any(salary, taxes, government social security and insurance, additional insurance, housing). If the company is serious you can cross check the Kelly`s salary guide and check the recent edition for 2018 or 2019. This could be a useful reference. It depends are your skills rare or not, as there is a competitions from Indians for the managment positions in the manufacturing sector.


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          Not sure about the job requirement or what your experience /education are but in general a salary of that size is considered very high in SE Asia. An unlikely amount unless there are extenuating circumstances and/or your expertise cannot be found with regional workers. Best of luck to you.


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            Not every American has such a salary. Engineers make good money, and such an amount may well be justified. The question is how large a company invites you, and how strong is its position in the market. Usually, if the company is doing well with internal finances and investments, it should adequately assess its capabilities and the needs of employees. If you want to invite the best people to your team, you must be willing to pay them such sums which they request. Nobody wants their employees to get the missing money with the help of games to win real money, haha.