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    hello guys

    i need some help in getting a sponsor letter template if in one would tell me how to write it because the college asked me if i could get a template...
    it would help me alot

    thank you guys

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    If you mean a letter for Immigration for the Student KITAS , then :

    Note : This is an adaptation of what I used by family KITAS , so it may be not acceptable . Your Kantor Imigrasi may tell you if it is ok or not , or they can give you a sample .


    Kepada Yth.
    Bapak Kepala Kantor Imigrasi
    Klas (I,II,..)
    Di (your city)

    Perihal : Permohonan Konversi Izin Kunjungan ke ITAS

    Dengan hormat ,

    (school identification , Education Minister's registration no. , ..)
    Alamat :

    Memohon kepada Bapak Kepala Imigrasi untuk dapat memberikan konversi Izin Kunjungan ke ITAS atas nama mahasiswa kami (student name) , adapun datanya sebagai berikut :
    Nama : (foreigner's name)
    Paspor no. :
    Kebangsaan :
    Tempat / tgl. lahir :
    Alamat :

    Perlu saya sampaikan bahwa permohonan ini saya ajukan karena mahasiswa kami yang tersebut mau belajar .... beberapa tahun di sekola kami .
    Demikianlah permohonan ini saya ajukan dan perhatiannya saya mengucapkan terima kasih .

    city's name ,

    Hormat saya (Indonesian school's director ? signature over a Rp6.000 stamp + stamp of the school)


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      there must be a 2 letters issued buy the college that the college is willing to sponsor me for ministry and imigrasi...
      the one for imigrasi u already gave me i guess should do the job...
      but the one to ministry of education im kinda lost coz the college agent isnt available so they dont have any idea...


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        I would try to get the KITAS at the Kantor Imigrasi without any letter to the Education Ministry .


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          i already tried that they refused
          i tried offering money but they told me honestly ur a foreigner but also a student u need a paper from the ministry we could do it for you but we need that paper so we can issue that kind of kitas

          i just used the template that you gave me and ill try this week

          thanks marcus ur one hell of a helper


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            Ask Immigration for examples. I find it odd that a college doesn't have the necessary paperwork available. An Agent for them not available? At this time of year? Hope you're not planning on doing something to try and fool someone. If so, you could face a lot more problems then just getting the proper paperwork from the proper sources.
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              yea the problem is the agent is supposed to available but the college doesn't have foreigners anymore except me and one more guy so the agent left i guess i asked a private company that makes kitas to make it for me they said they are going to make a paper and then i have to get it signed by the college... i hope it works