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May anyone help me on Indonesian Expat's Income Tax?

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  • May anyone help me on Indonesian Expat's Income Tax?

    I maybe working in Jakarta very soon, may anyone here help me on the calculation of Income Tax in Indonesia. Let's say my income is USD 5,000/month, what is the percentage or amount I have to be taxed?

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    Take the annual income , make the allowed deductions (Article 7 of the Law) , and apply the various rates (Article 17) over the annual income : 5% over the first Rp50 million of the income , 15% over the income part between Rp50 million and RpRp250 million , 25% over the income part between Rp250 million and Rp500 million , then finally , 30% over the income part which exceed Rp500 million .

    Deductions are around Rp20 million (per year) for yourself , + around Rp2 million (per year) for each dependent (values change frequently) .

    Be informed that if you stay for more than 183 days in any 12 months period , you are taxable over your worldwide income . Tax paid in other country will be discounted in the Indonesian tax calculation . (Income Tax Law & Law Explanation)
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