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Is it possible to setup a new small business here ?

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  • Is it possible to setup a new small business here ?

    Hi all, I am searching for the right country to setup a small processing facility. Vitamins and supplements. Will import powders from China. Process and package here. Marketing will be online. No local sales. All foreign earned income. If this is possible where do I go for permits etc ?
    Thanks for any input.

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    In Indonesia , foreigners can own (in many cases an Indonesian partner is required) only relative big business (inicial investment around USD300'000) . And not all business sectors are open to foreigners . For more details , look for business of PT PMA type .

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...311#post254311 (PMA : references , agents )


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      Keithtee - on top of what marcus mentioned, then in my opinion it also has to be big to be able to see the advantage in doing this in Indonesia, there are a lot of challenges in establishing a company here, as well as import and export hurdles.. I think it would be easier in some neighbor countries. When you calculate all parameters, Indonesia is not so competitive..