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  • confusing I thought it was a comparison to Kitas


    • [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]2[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]. The foreigner goes to his local KanIm (no mandatory waiting period of 4 months), along with his indonesian wife to apply for the conversion of his izin kunjungan in an ITAS. (Pasal 47 & Pasal 48* PP nomor 32 thn 1994) [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00][FONT=Verdana]which has been revised in 2005 [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00] [/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00]the PP 38/2005[/COLOR]

      that would of helped me but no arguements please... its Indonesia and thats how things are here


      • Originally posted by rich3276 View Post
        [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]2[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]. The foreigner goes to his local KanIm (no mandatory waiting period of 4 months), along with his indonesian wife to apply for the conversion of his izin kunjungan in an ITAS. (Pasal 47 & Pasal 48* PP nomor 32 thn 1994) [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00][FONT=Verdana]which has been revised in 2005 [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00]the PP 38/2005[/COLOR]

        that would of helped me but no arguements please... its Indonesia and thats how things are here
        I don't get it rich3276 - are you still trying to blame the information here but don't want to have that contention refuted? And the second part sounds like an oblique insult to Atlantis. I'd like you to explain yourself please.


        • I stated no arguements....
          its a jesture I treasure the works of u all here.... thats all...

          unlike its indonesia thats how things are "means that the way it is the imigrasi do not know what they are doing at least do not keep up to date"

          thanks to u guys and yr experience I can find my way out, there is no insult... have you no humor?

          keep up the good work...
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          • Originally posted by mrcibubur View Post
            There are two aspects about Kanpie Batams comments which I think merit further discussion on a separate Thread. The first is what is perceived as an overseas business run online on the internet and the second is tax liability for income earned..
            I have opened a new Thread here in regards to that:



            • I completed all preparatory procedures for KITAS II today, at last. We got the following letter which lead to the last step.
              Kementerian hukum dan hak asasi manusia Kantor wilayah kepulauan riau
              Perpanjangan ITAS ke I
              Sebagai pemberian ITAS ke II
              I will go to Sumatra Building (KanIm Batam) tomorow for picture and fingerprint and I will get my KITAS II middle of next week. I expect to pay 755,000IDR tomorow. I am not getting the VISA just the KITAS Ext. I don't expect to go out of the country in the next year. If needed we bought VISA forms for 25,000IDR x2 each.

              Document in attachment: KanWil_2.jpg
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              • Just an update not ment to confuse anyone I hope

                I presented the imigrasi with the [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana] (Pasal 47 & Pasal 48* PP nomor 32 thn 1994) [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00][FONT=Verdana]which has been revised in 2005 [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00][COLOR=#417394]the PP 38/2005 [/COLOR][/COLOR]they stated that the law is not clear and have underlined more facts on the last 2 pages of the pdf. i was told i can apply but this does not mean my application will be accepted, I made the application again had to buy new documents, made around 50 copies of my stuff (imigrasi said copy everything 4 times) I was told to wait...
                1 Hour later a female officer called me to the desk and said we can make you no appointment for the letter and we also must check all and with the Police, they said they will call me if any changes.... I think they will not now its 5 days gone...

                [COLOR=#d3d3d3](red marks because I have an opinion)[/COLOR]


                • Just an Update Imigrasi are now at my neighbours house asking questions about me... this really below the belt god knows what they are up to.


                  • Just stay calm and mostly listen. Careful at what you say.


                    • This is normal, IMHO. They have received guidelines from Jakarta that they have to investigate that an applicant is really married and living with his wife and that it isn't a fake marriage in order to obtain a residency permit. Remember article 135 UU 6/2011

                      Setiap orang yang melakukan perkawinan semu dengan tujuan untuk memperoleh Dokumen Keimigrasian dan/atau untuk memperoleh status kewarganegaraan Republik Indonesia dipidana dengan pidana penjara paling lama 5 (lima) tahun dan denda paling banyak Rp500.000.000,00 (lima ratus juta rupiah).

                      Don't worry, they don't ask them if you are a good neighbour, certainly just questions such as "when did they move in? When did they marry? What's the job of the husband?...etc". It may sound inquisitive but it is what they've been asked to do.


                      • thanks i feel bad about this whole situation, my neighbours have acted well as far as the feedback is right, they where asked if i am trouble in the village they answered i am very good have just invited the village for a eating celebration, and i took the village to beach with hired busses, negative was they asked about my wifes dragenfruit farm not sure about that, and then asked about if i work and how do i live, on top of that wanted to know if i have registered with the police and the local kamin, and how my attitude is...
                        my wife said i better be cool with situation, actually i am worried, i do not like arguements....

                        best wishes Aj


                        • Rich, it might be an idea to share with us what KanIm you fall under so that any other Forum members who are under the same jurisdiction can perhaps be extra alert to any poking questions which investigating officers may ask for of third parties.

                          No doubt this might extend to all KanIms in the future and to all kinds of resident visa where the foreigner is sponsored to live in Indonesia.

                          By the way Atlantis, 4th May has come and gone and I see no ratification of the new Law! What's cooking?


                          • (nudge) New ordinances/rules/regulations/PP, not law. The law was ratified last year.

                            Sabar, coy, ada jam karet!
                            I'm not arrogant or a know-it-all - I'm over-eager to help & not very good at writing humbly. Verify my answers!


                            • Hello everybody

                              Wanted to inform that me and my wife just went to KanIm Yogyakarta to change my SosBud sponsored by my wife into an ITAS. It went surprisingly smooth.

                              On the 10th of May we bought a map and forms for IDR 5000,- and then handed them

                              1 Surat permohonan (stating we want to "alih status from IK to ITAS")
                              2 My original passport
                              3 Fotokopi Karta keluarga (of my wife, where I am only listed as the father of our son, not as her husband, strangely enough, but that's a different issue)
                              4 Fotokopi entire Buku Nikah, including the legalization stamps.
                              5 My Riwayat hidup (CV in Indonesian), I edited it a little bit, but everything in it is 100% true.
                              6 Bank statement of a bank account with more than 5000 Euro's on it
                              7 4 passport pictures with red background
                              8 Formulir 27 (Perubahan data WNA) and 24 (ITAS) from the immigration office, all filled in of course.

                              They accepted everything, and asked me to copy it all 3 times. So I did -> IDR 6,500.
                              After this they still wanted to get a SURAT JAMINAN with my wife's signature on a materai. So I got a letter from the photocopy guy downstairs, bought a materai nearby IDR 6500,- and my wife was there to sign. This we photocopied 2 times as well. IDR 500,-

                              Then I received a receipt stating I can come back on the 23rd of May. Also they said it would be wise for me to go to the "orang lapangan" because they will do a survey, as happened to Rich3276. The friendly lady behind the counter said we could maybe make an appointment with them or at least get to know each other. After waiting 20 mins. two guys, dressed as civilians asked me to come into their office. They asked me of my proof of marriage. I showed them my original buku nikah with all the legislation stamps and they immedeatly were all smiles. We don't need to come to your home they said, this is enough, all I had to do was make a SURAT PERNYATAAN stating that my wife is married to me, on such and such date, which is proven by buku nikah with number such and such and that we are living together in the same house. This letter then has to be signed by my wife (atas materai IDR 6000,-) by me, by the RT the RW the Lurah and the Camat.
                              I made this letter the same day and that same afternoon we went to RT, say hello, drink tea, swap a few stories, and get the stamp and signature. This afternoon we will do the same for RW. Then my wife will go to Lurah and Camat on monday.

                              Then we need to bring this letter with all the stamps and signatures to the immigration. Make sure the actual letter is only half a page, so the bottom half of the page leaves enough space for all the stamps/signatures. Better still make boxes for each party to put their stamp/signature in otherwise you run the risk all the stamps won't fit on one A4 sized paper, as they like swinging their stamps. (this I kind of sorted out myself)

                              Then on the 23rd I can go to immigration and pick up the letter which I will bring to KanWil in Yogyakarta.

                              No weird questions asked, everyone was friendly and supportive.
                              Let's hope everything keeps going as smooth, will keep posting, as the story unfolds.



                              • Well I am still waiting for some kind of feedback, my wife says give up...
                                but I still want to try, maybe I hear something soon.

                                @ mrcibubur[COLOR=#3E3E3E] [/COLOR]
                                The Kamin I went to was Blitar / Kediri its always trouble there if only a Social visa extension, its Kindergarden what they do with us there I know of other white people whom I personally met at the Kamin and they have advised me to go directly to Surabaya, I also know of a friend of mine he paid 10 Juta for a 60day Visa extension to save the hassle he said. I can not afford that.