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  • Need help with processing invitation letter for my fiance .. and KITAS

    Hi Atlantis n Mr Marcus

    I'm confusrf

    I stay in Surabaya with my brother but my IC address is Jember (my hometown). I will use my brother address to send invitation letter for my fiance. Now i want to ask. Where he should process his KITAS after we married? In Surabaya Immigration according his SosBud Application or Immigration Jember according his wife current address?

    Do I need to change my KTP address to Surabaya or how?

    I also confuse about the arrangement. Could you please advice me wich way better?

    Invite him using my KTP address(Jember) or Surabaya?
    the thing is, Im working in Surabaya and it will be very tiredfull process to go and comeback Jember-Surabaya

    Tolong dibantu ya
    Terima kasih


    • Well , considering transferring KTP (from one place to another) is easy , the most important subject in your case is if your fiance with a sosbud sponsored by your brother will be able to convert his sosbud to KITAS sponsored by you , because the normal situation is the sosbud and KITAS being sponsored by the same person .
      The address in the KTP will define which immigration office you need to deal with . So you decide if you want to request the KITAS in Jember or you transfer your KTP to Surabaya and request the KITAS in Surabaya .
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      • TY

        Thanks marcus
        that means the immigration office for kitas application will depend on the sponsor address right?

        Now about mariage documents :

        PHP Code:
        " Process of legalization of documents
        Legalization of all documents is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Departemen Luar Negeri), Directorate for Consular Affairs - Legalization Section, Jl. Taman Pejambon 6, Jakarta Pusat

        Then these documents have to be translated into Bahasa Indonesia by a certificate translator.

        The translations have to be validated by the Ministry of Justice (Departemen Kehakiman), Legalization Section, Jl. Rasuna Said 3, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan and also by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" 
        can i ask other people(my brother) to get those legalization in Jakarta? or the i ( the sponsor ) have to go by myself?need to go with my husband to be?
        Or can you suggest the easier way for me?
        Thanks again before,sorry for questioning such small-small thing


        • Originally posted by Noorml View Post
          Now about mariage documents :
          You can have it done by anyone has long as he/she has the original documents.

          Legalization of documents by Deplu takes a couple of working days and cost IDR 10.000 rupiah. Legalization of documents by Depkumham are done at the Direktorat Jenderal Administrasi Umum (lantai dasar) costs IDR 25.000 but are done on the spot. In both ministeries the procedure is easy. In each case you will need meterai rp6000 from what I recall.
          There are (was) countless calo cruising around to offer help for a fee, but to be honest they aren't useful.

          The certified translator bit is a joke, at least with the french embassy. They gave me a list of two certified translator who both told me that I shouldn't bother to send them the original document but that emailing a scan of them was enough!
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          • Originally posted by Noorml View Post
            Thanks marcus
            that means the immigration office for kitas application will depend on the sponsor address right?
            Now about mariage documents :....
            Sponsor address stated in the sponsor's KTP .

            About marriage documents , I was lucky because my KUA didn't ask for this "legalization" in Jakarta .
            I made a statement of "Not married" at a notary in my country with 2 witnesses . Still there , I asked a sworn translator to translate it to English . Brought it here and asked KUA if the document was ok . They said it should be translated to Indonesian , and if we agree , they would contact a sworn translator they knew . The price was the same of another translator I had contacted , so sure , "I agree" . After that they didn't ask for anything else .
            Instead of a birth certificate , I presented my country's ID card (similar to the Indonesian KTP , except there is my signature and my parents name on it , there is not my religion) , and they didn't ask for it's translation .
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            • further questions

              Thanks Atlantis and Marcus

              I stay with my brother in Surabaya and my KTP is Surabaya address now(after change from my hometown address) so my invitation letter and kitas application later will addressed on my KTP address right? How if later i want to move other place/city with my husband? how if move before he get his kitas and how if move after get kitas?
              Is there any problem?
              Do i need to make some processing again?
              what is that?
              After married surely we dont stay with my parent or my other family. So, i just mind if anything problem later
              sorry again to asking small matter


              • Although I never did this , I suppose , normally if you move to another city after getting the KITAS for your husband , you should get a new KTP and bring the "Immigration Control Book" (= buku POA = buku mutasi = "blue book") to the new immigration office in order to change the address in it . In addition , other documents will need to be changed .
                Note : When you get the KITAS , you also get the "blue book".

                Moving before he gets his KITAS , it is like now , you get a new KTP or get the sosbud extensions at your old KTP's address .

                Unfortunately , there are many documents with address information : KTP , KITAS/blue book , STM/SKLD (police) , SKTT/.. (Catatan Sipil) , Kartu Keluarga , Surat Keterangan Alamat (Kelurahan/Kecamatan/Pak RT/Pak RW) ,.., so better be sure where to live/not move much .
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                • new immigration law April 7, 2011

                  does anyone have a source to read the full text of the new law regarding 'automatic' permanent residency if married to a local? maybe Atlantis or Marcus? new law signed 4-7-2011


                  • Originally posted by mtesta3339 View Post
                    does anyone have a source to read the full text of the new law regarding 'automatic' permanent residency if married to a local? maybe Atlantis or Marcus? new law signed 4-7-2011
                    1. There is nothing "automatic". You will still have to go through a process of residency permit
                    2. It is still a bit too early to get a fully accurate copy of the UU Imigrasi baru. Though it is passed it is not yet legalised by SBY, though it shouldn't be a problem. In the next few days, the full Undang Undang should be available.
                    3. The topic is discussed here.
                    4. It won't become effective before a certain laps of time (12 to 18 months, IMHO) and a period of socialization (this maybe the most hair-raising for most)
                    5. Untill all necessary Peraturan Pemerintah and Peraturan Menteri requested to implement the new law are enacted, the existing one prevails. if you have two full years of residency, obtaining a KITAP is no big deal, following the same steps that I was describing in this thread at post #1 (replace "izin kunjungan" by "izin tinggal terbatas" and "izin tinggal terbatas" by "izin tinggal tetap" and you have an idea). It took me 26 days to convert my KITAS in a KITAP last month and IDR 3.000.000. No major problem but a couple of interesting anecdotes. As soon as the new UU gets publicized, I will write a post concerning obtaining a KITAP with the existing Peraturan. It will allow those who are married with an Indonesian and a minimum of two full years of residency to get a KITAP before all regs concerning the new law get enacted.
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                    • Thanks very much. I do remember back around 2006 with our chiild's dual citizenship, it took around 6 months after signing for them to implement that new law (in spite of our many phone calls). So, this new one sounds a lot more complicated and maybe it will take over a year. All the same, would be great to read the actual law articles relating to mixed marriges/perm residency. May be a real game changer because nowhere is immigrasi hell more sheer than here in Siantar(/Lake Toba).
                      Anyway, thanks again for your rationality.


                      • To my understanding. Its is a big step forwards that this bill is approved unanimously. But it will take some time before all will be effective.
                        I will be getting married within the next 3 months or so. For now that means I still need to continue applying for my kitas and work-permit. Or would it be soon possible to only have to apply for a kitas only. Because also from other sources I have been reading that I might be allowed to work under this law, as long as my Indonesian-counterpart (wife) is my sponsor. That way my soon to be wife will be able to sponsor me for the kitas. For working visa would not be needed to have a sponsor anymore.
                        I might me completely wrong here. If anybody know some more info I would love to know.


                        • Hello Atlantis, what about this_
                          A legislator who had praised the immigration bill had to swallow her words shortly after a housewife told her that two vital points in the bill, which she had described as major progress, had been secretly omitted by unknown parties


                          • Originally posted by Dr. Michael Beer View Post
                            10 pages already written on the topic, here and more to come. . Feel free to step in there.

                            Addit: the article from TheJakartaPost, in Dr. Michael Beer's link is inaccurate. No key points have been removed from the law that has been voted.
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                            • Atlantis, this question has probably been asked before, I have looked but can't find it. So let us say you are on a KITAS sponsored by your wife, this obviously does not allow you to work. After a few months you are offered a job which requires a KITAS, do you have to change the sponsor of your KITAS to your new company, or can you continue to be sponsored by your wife with the new company covering the work permit?


                              • Hi Atlantis, please, enlighten me. Does it mean the article in THE JAKARTA POST is wrong?