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KITAS sponsored by the Indonesian spouse

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  • I think the problem is that , historically , sosbud 212 was not included in this conversion because one regulation stated the conversion process should start only after the 4th month . But this regulation was revised and now there is no mention of the "4th..", although some immigration officers still say one need to wait 4 months .
    See a reference about this :
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    • Would someone have a copy of Petunjuk Pelaksanaan DirJen Imigrasi Tahun 1995 tentang Tata Cara Alih Status Izin Keimigrasian? I can't find it on their website.

      The website also didn't have the Peraturan Menteri Hukum dan HAM tahun 2007 which ammended the 1995 version.

      If someone here have any of those and can share with me, I would very much appreciate it.

      Thank you!


      • Good day Atlantis,
        I am due for the first extension of the ITAS. I got 2 forms from imigrasi here, but am not sure why they gave me a FORMULIR PERUBAHAN DATA ORANG ASING (PERDIM: 27) and for the Multiple ExitReEntry FORMULIR IZIN MASUK KEMBALI DAN PEMULANGAN (perdim: 25), which I understand. But the first one not. Is there any other for the Extension Application? I have to travel around 100km here in Bali. Thanks a lot again


        • I got the forms package almost a year ago , so I am not sure if any modification occurred . My package (which I didn't use yet) contains : PERDIM 27 + PERDIM 24 "Formulir Izin Tinggal Terbatas dan Tetap" + "Surat Permintaan dan Jaminan" (for the sponsor) .
          I didn't receive the form for exit/reentry permit .


          • Thanks a lot Marcus. Yes, 27,24 I got but also 25 which actually is for CHANGING name, status etc. We called imigrasi and they told my wife, just fill out the personal data - No changes. Are there any forms we could download from the Internet. Immigration has a GREAT website, but I did not find anything.


            • How to get social visit visa first?

              Dear Atlantis,

              Here i still confuse how to get social visit visa for at the first time for my fiance.
              Here he will come with social visit visa and we plan to married and get Kitas soon.
              What document should i need to provide(about the invitation letter, what should mention on it) so he didnt get any problem or rejected by Indonesian embassy of his country?
              Could you explain more detail to me about the invitation letter or maybe u just can gia an example letter to apply social visa for our case.
              and what next step should i do then?
              Thank you


              • Many thanks Atlantis for sharing your knowledge.
                After reading up, I tried to convert my Sos Bud. to a wife sponsored KITAS. Only to be told exactly what you said. Immigrasi telling me I had to wait 4 mths before I could apply. Even tried explaining to them about the law, only to be shot down.
                After 4 months I tried again, only to be told the price was Rp.6,000,000 excluding exit permit!
                I hate dealing with immigrasi as they are too greedy and corrupt.
                Is it possible to apply for a wife sponsored KITAS at a foreign consulate and how long would it take? I have dealt with Indo. Consulates in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore with no KKN.

                Appreciate any input. Thks.


                • Originally posted by Noorml View Post
                  Dear Atlantis,.........
                  What document should i need to provide(about the invitation letter, what should mention on it) so he didnt get any problem or rejected by Indonesian embassy of his country?
                  Could you explain more detail to me about the invitation letter or maybe u just can gia an example letter to apply social visa for our case.
                  and what next step should i do then? Thank you
                  If you don't mind my help :
                  Write the sponsor letter and send to him (or to the Embassy he is supposed to go) together with a copy of the sponsor's KTP (see sample in the reference below).
                  http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...=5217#post5217 , post no.4 .
                  Ask him to check if his country's Indonesian Embassy asks for sponsor's bank account also . If you don't find a sponsor with a bank account's balance of about Rp 5 Juta minimum , ask him to go to get the visa in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore .

                  Kuala Lumpur (KL) is a good alternative for people who want to get an Indonesian visa . I got there some Visit Visas - Social Cultural/Family - single entry (
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                  • Originally posted by cobra427 View Post
                    ...After 4 months I tried again, only to be told the price was Rp.6,000,000 excluding exit permit!
                    I hate dealing with immigrasi as they are too greedy and corrupt.
                    Is it possible to apply for a wife sponsored KITAS at a foreign consulate and how long would it take? I have dealt with Indo...
                    At least in my city , there are some few officers walking around at the immigration office who do nothing except try to get some extra money . The office has designated places for each type of service , with a placard stating like : "ITAS..."(KITAS,..) , or "Visa Kunjungan..."(sosbud extensions,..). Make sure the officer you talk to is exactly the one sitting below the placard for the service you seek . Go to the correct counter with all the required forms/documents in hand and just submit to him/her . If , even doing this , the designated officer tells you that , calmly tell him/her that you want to do all the process by yourself . Rp6 million is , for sure , an agent price for doing all the bureaucracy for you (one friend of mine found one who charged Rp4 million).
                    Another way to get this KITAS is starting a VITAS process in Indonesia and later going to an Embassy in Singapore , or KL , or.. But the bureaucracy/process is about the same and you will spend more money .
                    See below references of people who did this KITAS :
                    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...2841#post72841 , post no. 246 and 247
                    You will notice some different set of the required documents , depending on where you submit the process . Just make a set and bring with you all additional document possible to be required . The officer will check the package and tell you what is missing .
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                    • what about couples who haven't married yet ?

                      thank Atlantis for the procedure information

                      I have read the
                      but there no explaination how if the couples havent married yet. there got mention unmarried couple for foreign wife of indonesian husband. But how about unmarried couple of foreign husband of indonesian wife? is the procedure are same?

                      How bout the invitation letter for the future husband(fiance)? and i heard that foreign husband should give some amount of money (thats 500juta) for his indonesian wive to get his that true? why should give such amount?

                      Here my fiance and me planning to get married and stay in Indonesia.The situation is, he still in oversea now. So before married, how the clear procedure to get visa for him to come in Indonesia.
                      what is the term for foreign husband to fulfill and what the term for the indonesian wive.

                      How much the total average true cost to proceed our arrangement? I mean Imigration cost start from get his first visa,our married arrangement until to get his KITAS. and how much the bank account should stated our saving to show to imigration?Can you provide in a short listed so easy for me to caught.

                      looking forward for your soon reply. thank you


                      • Lets write the complete path , supposing you decided to marry in Indonesia :
                        1) He gets a social cultural visa ( = sosbud visa = sosial budaya visa = visa kunjungan sosial budaya) .
                        It cost USD 45 or more depending on which Embassy .
                        For that , he will need a sponsor letter , a copy of the sponsor's KTP , and maybe a bank account statement (check at the chosen Embassy's website) . Sample of the letter at my former post above .

                        2) Ask him to check what is easier for him : to bring a proof that he is free to marry ( = has no impediment to marry ) from his country , or get this at his Embassy in Indonesia .
                        Check at the marriage office what other documents (ID card , birth certificate ,..) he need to bring for the marriage , from his country . Get sworn translation of the documents to English (if the case) in his country .

                        3) If you intend to buy land/house in Indonesia someday , go to a notary to get a prenuptial agreement (perjanjian pra-nikah/pisah harta) before marry.
                        It cost about Rp500k at least .

                        4) Get sworn translation of his documents from English to Indonesia - cost about Rp70k per page (KUA translated for us) .
                        Marry . I paid about Rp1 Juta at the KUA .

                        5) Start the process to convert the sosbud visa to KITAS ( 6 months or one year visa , sponsored by you , he cannot work in Indonesia) . If you do all by yourself it will cost about Rp1 Juta except transport costs to regional immigration (kantor Wilayah) and Jakarta , if the case .
                        http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...usband./page25 , posts no. 246 and 247

                        I believe the 500 Juta issue is not a real requirement . There are at least 2 persons who posted their successful KITAS without problem at the time this other who mentioned the 500 Juta subject . The last being Jonathan , see his post no. 92 here :

                        6) Register you husband at the Police (STM - free , SKLD - Rp100k) , and at the Catatan Sipil (SKTT or equivalent - free up to about Rp150k)
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                        • TY

                          Thank you so much marcus. that all info short and clear i need
                          By the way
                          if i stay in surabaya city should istill go to proceed in jakarta? u mention there that all cost about 1 juta if i do all by ourself except transport cost to jakarta right>
                          so can we proceed all the full precess in surabaya?
                          or if cannot. for jakarta secton can we use an agent? and do u know any trusted agent can help us?
                          from your explanation means that i can be his sponsor even we had no married yet. betul?

                          and is it a must thatwe need to go public notary if i want to buy land someday?why?
                          as im Indonesian, can i just buy by my own name?
                          any additional payment that he should pay when he stay in Indonesia such as tax or anything?(in case he not working)
                          and is there any problem if i want to make small business(very small i think) by using my name?such as shop, or webshop like that?

                          ok. i think thats all. I would need ur experience guidance for my arrangement. Thank you


                          • 1) About the sosbud visa , any Indonesian can sponsor him . About ITAS (KITAS) visa , you 2 must marry together first , then you can sponsor him . If you don't want to marry , he can get a KITAS only if he finds a job , or if he starts a business , or if he is 55 or older
                            2) About the transport cost to Jakarta , in the reference above , Jonathan told that Jakarta immigration sent the KITAS authorization back to local and regional offices , so you can try to do all by express mail instead of going to Jakarta , or give a "surat kuasa" to somebody to do that , there is no need to pay an agent (the person needs to just leave envelopes there and later take them back)
                            3) About the notary , if you don't make a prenup/pisah harta , and buy a land/house after the marriage , by law the land/house is owned half by the husband and half by the wife , but foreigners can't own land/house by law . Read the references I posted before
                            4) The Indonesian tax law states that any foreigner living in Indonesia for more than 183 days in any 12 months period may have to pay Indonesian tax for his/her income in other countries too . So study the law (reference below) and talk to officers at Kantor Pajak . I already talked about this there and I had a feeling that if the foreigner does not work in Indonesia , Kantor Pajak is not much interested about the foreigner income outside Indonesia.

                            5) About you working , no problem . A foreigner with KITAS sponsored by Indonesian spouse cannot work .
                            Both/either of you can open a business .
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                            • [FONT=Arial]First, of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to the expat community and to our very efficient and professional advisors.[/FONT]
                              [FONT=Arial]That brings me to my questions I have, concerning ITAS extension (sponsored by Indonesian wife) and Multiple Exit ReEntry[/FONT]
                              [FONT=Arial]1) Are the forms Perdim 25 (Formulir Izin Masuk Kembali dan Pemulangan)[/FONT]
                              [FONT=Arial] Perdim 24 (Formulir izin Tinggal Terbatas dan Tetap and[/FONT]
                              [FONT=Arial] Perdim 27 (Formulir Perubahan Data Organg Asing)[/FONT]
                              [FONT=Arial] anywhere to be downloaded as pdf files? It is really boaring to write it every year...[/FONT]
                              [FONT=Arial]2) On the Perdim 25 on the 2nd page under CATATAN PETUGAS LOKET there is a SURAT SPONSOR mentioned. Is this the same Sponsor Letter we used for the extension of the ITAS or some other letter? If so, do you have a sample?[/FONT]
                              [FONT=Arial]3) On the same Formulir 25 is a COPY SURAT IZIN DAHSUSKIM mentioned. What is this?[/FONT]
                              [FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
                              [FONT=Arial]I decided to do for the first time all the paper work myself, and not wasting a lot of money for agents, travelled 90km to the next Immigration Office here in Bali (Singaraja) and was just absolutely stunned when I saw 2 signs on the glass in front of the lokets: WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU! and WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY DONNATIONS! And they really did not and worked fast (I received my ITAS within 3 weeks)[/FONT]
                              [FONT=Arial]Thanks a lot again!!!!!!!!!!!!


                              • 1) I don't know why there are Perdim : 22A , 24A , and 25A , at , but none of the others (these xxA are for Australian citizens) .
                                2) I am not sure but I would guess you can use the same sample of any sponsor letter , just changing the objective of it . If you forgot to keep a copy , see my reference below :
                                http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...2841#post72841 , post no.246
                                3) I don't know , but see below a set of the required documents :
                                PERMOHONAN IZIN MASUK KEMBALI
                                Persyaratan :
                                1. Untuk orang asing pemegang izin terbatas ( KITAS )
                                dan izin tinggal tetap ( KITAP ) yang berdomisili di
                                wilayah Kerja Kantor Imigrasi Pekanbaru.
                                2. Mengisi formulir pendaftaran ( Perdim 25 ).
                                a. Surat permohonan diri sponsor / perusahaan ( bagi
                                yang bekerja ).
                                b. Asli dan foto copy paspor yang sah dan masih
                                c. Asli dan foto copy dokumen Imigrasi (KITAS/KITAP, buku pendaftaran orang asing).
                                d. Membayar biaya imigrasi sesuai tarif.
                                Permohonan dan Perpanjangan Izin Tinggal Terbatas, Pendaftaran Orang
                                Asing dan Permohonan Izin Masuk Kembali, dapat dilaksanakan sekaligus
                                dalam 1 Berkas ( MAP )
                                KANTOR : KANTOR IMIGRASI KLAS I PEKANBARU
                                Alamat :
                                Jalan Teratai No. 87 Pekanbaru
                                Telepon +62 761 21536
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