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    Has anyone found a place for expats to get Covid boosters? We just arrived in September (right before they approved boosters in the US), so forgive me if this is a stupid question. 

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    From (Indonesian Ministry of Health)
    Title : Booster Vaccines Start Soon, Check Vaccination Tickets at PeduliLindung app
    By Rokom , 11 January 2022

    The government will start a booster vaccination program for the general public...

    The booster vaccine is given free of charge to all Indonesians and is intended for those aged 18 years and over and have received the second dose of vaccine within a minimum period of 6 months. The priority group for booster vaccine recipients are the elderly and immunocompromised patients.

    The third type of vaccine given will be determined by health workers based on the history of vaccination doses 1 and 2 received and according to the availability of vaccines at the service site.

    Check Tickets and Free Booster Vaccination Schedules at PeduliLindung app

    People who are included in the priority group for booster vaccine recipients can check tickets and vaccination schedules on the website and on the PeduliLindungi app. The ticket can be used at the nearest health facility or vaccination center at the specified time.

    Through the website, the public can visit and check the status and vaccination tickets by entering “Full Name” and “NIK”, then click check. If through the PeduliLindung app, the public can follow these steps:
    - Open the PeduliLindungi app
    - Log in with the registered account
    - Click the "Profil" menu and select "Status Vaksinasi & Hasil/Result Tes Covid-19". The booster vaccination status and schedule will appear in the account
    - To check vaccine tickets, go to the menu “Riwayat dan Tiket Vaksin/History and Vaccine Tickets”

    If you are in a priority group but have not yet received a ticket and vaccination schedule in the PeduliLindung app, you can come directly to the nearest health facility or vaccination site by bringing your ID card and proof of vaccination doses 1 and 2...

    For further info ... email [email protected]


    Poster's Note : It doesn't say anything about foreigners , but I think resident foreigners (holders of SKTT or KTP Orang Asing) , are also included if this new program follows the same idea of the program for the last 2 vaccine doses program (but now it may not be free) .


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      Thank you so much, Marcus -- I will keep my eye on the app!