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  • Can't Get COVID Vaccine

    I am am a WNA with KITAS through marriage residing in a small village outside of Demak, Central Java. I have tried four different places to get a COVID vaccine but have turned away at each location. Most places here around Demak have no idea how to give a foreigner a vaccine. They keep telling me that I need a KITAS with a NIK in order to be entered into the computer and get a vaccine. From my understanding foreigners on KITAS cannot get a KTP.

    How are others getting their COVID vaccines? Is the the problem all KITAS holders are having here in Indonesia? From my understanding the Indonesian government has made it mandatory for all residents in Indonesia to get the vaccine. I have been trying for months now but can't get it. Does anyone know how I am supposed to go about this?


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    Originally posted by Erick1234 View Post
    (1) ...They keep telling me that I need a KITAS with a NIK in order to be entered into the computer and get a vaccine.

    (2) From my understanding foreigners on KITAS cannot get a KTP...

    (1) Yes , this is the normal way to get it (only the NIK is enough) .

    (2) Yes , you are right . But KITAS holders are required to get a SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal) , an identity card similar to the KTP . The SKTT also comes with the NIK .


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      Thank you Marcus, I do have a Surat Keterangan Tinggal Sementara for the village that we are living in. However there is no card and there is no NIK on the letter. Should I go to another higher level government agency to get the card?


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        Besides registering for the vaccine online (see below) , usually you can also register at the places where they are vaccinating people (big hospitals , Kantor Kelurahan , ..) .


        By , Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie | Reporter: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie , 20 Oct 2021

        1. Registration at the Pedulilindungi app
        - First, download the Pedulilindungi application.
        - Create an account by registering via your e-mail address and phone number.
        - Login into your new account
        - Select the "Vaccine Registration"
        - Enter NIK , full name, and click "Periksa/Check"
        - After the data matches, enter the mobile number and domicile address, click "Selanjutnya/Next". A confirmation page will appear regarding the registered data. If you are sure click "Selanjutnya/Next" and click "Ya, Lanjutkan/Yes, Continue"
        - You will get the OTP code in your registered mobile number
        - Please enter the code and so you have successfully registered to get the vaccine

        2. Registration at the web page
        - Go to
        - Select the "Login/Register"
        - Create an Account (You will get an OTP code via e-mail or SMS, enter the code and select the option "Verify" The account will be registered immediately)
        - Login, then enter the dashboard or PeduliLindung account main page .
        - Continue by selecting the "Vaccination Registration" menu,
        - Then fill in personal data such as full name, NIK, date of birth, gender, mobile number, city according to ID card, and address Press the "Next" button,
        - Confirm the information
        - Enter the verification code , and so you have successfully registered for the Covid-19 vaccine

        3. Registration at
        - Visit the website
        - Choose the location where you want to get the vaccine, it is recommended that you choose the one closest to your residence. Please also select the arrival date and time of arrival.
        - For the registration of the Covid vaccine, fill in the data completely according to your identity card.
        - If it is complete, then the registration process is complete. You will receive a form and an e-voucher on an email that was previously registered.



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          Originally posted by Erick1234 View Post
          ... Should I go to another higher level government agency to get the card?

          Yes . Usually you need to go to Kantor Cacatan Sipil (just now it may be done online - I got mine recently , uploading documents online and finally going there to get it) .

          My city required:
          - Signed Form
          - Sponsor's letter
          - Sponsor's KTP/KK
          - KITAS/e-ITAS
          - KITAS/e-ITAS stamp in the passport
          - passport
          - Photo
          - Surat Domisili
          - Marriage Certificate
          - Police's STM/Surat Tanda Melapor


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            Marcus, thanks that is very helpful. I will get this taken care of. Me being so far away from any expat community I really appreciate your help. There is no one I can talk to here that know how to do these things.


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              Look, the first thing to consider is that different locations have different restrictions for activities going around in the country or worldwide. Just consider the pandemic, for example, when the whole world was devising different plans to tackle it. And suddenly, each country was in a race to protect their citizens in the best way as well as look for the available vaccines and buy them in bulk. The problem with most cases is that foreigners living in a country do not abide by and set rules for the general public. It is also because foreigners are a liability and an asset to the country they are residing in, and thus they have to be formalized to receive vaccines.
              Your situation is a similar one for which I am going to give you the best advice. Rather than looking for answers and suggestions here, try to contact a government body responsible for COVID tackling and vaccination. This gives you an edge over the others in a way that you can get the best and necessary information regarding how to get your dose. Moreover, it will be good if you visit these places of information physically. In such a way, gathering info and receiving your requirements will become easy!