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CoronaVac May Need a 3rd Shot

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  • CoronaVac May Need a 3rd Shot

    Title : Antibodies from Sinovac shot fade after about 6 months: Study
    By : Jakarta Post News Desk / Reuters , 27 July 2021

    [Antibodies triggered by Sinovac Biotech's COVID-19 vaccine (largelly used in Indonesia) declined below a key threshold from around 6 months after a second dose for most recipients, although a third shot had a strong booster effect, according to a lab study.

    Chinese researchers reported the findings from a study of blood samples from healthy adults aged between 18-59 in a paper published on Sunday, which has not been peer reviewed.

    Among participants who received two doses, 2 or 4 weeks apart, only 16.9% and 35.2% respectively still had neutralising antibodies above what researchers regard as a detectable threshold level six months after the second shot, the paper said...

    "In the short-to-medium term, ensuring more people complete the current two-dose schedule of CoronaVac should be the priority," the paper said.

    Indonesia .. have already agreed to give a third shot from Moderna .. for some people who are fully vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccine, amid concerns over its effectiveness against the more transmissible Delta variant of the coronavirus...

    Researchers cautioned the study did not test the antibodies' effect against more transmissible variants, and that further research was needed to assess antibody duration after a third shot...]

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    Well , something similar regarding Pfizer vaccine .

    Title : Pfizer Vaccine Protection Wanes After 6 Months Study Finds
    By : Damian McNamara , 28 July 2021

    [Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine continues to show strong protection against serious illness and hospitalization after 6 months, but overall protection against the virus appears to wane after a half a year, according to a new study...
    The study finds overall effectiveness falls from 96% to 84%.

    At the same time, a third booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine increases neutralizing antibody levels against the Delta variant by more than 5 times, compared to levels after just a second dose in people ages 18 to 55 years old, new data from Pfizer shows.

    The third-dose immune response appears even more robust -- more than 11 times higher than the second shot -- among people 65 to 85 years old.

    The company noted this could mean an estimated 100-fold increase in Delta variant protection after a third dose. These new findings are outlined in a Pfizer second-quarter 2021 earnings report, which notes that the data is submitted for publication in a medical journal.

    The data comes from a relatively small number of people studied. There were 11 people in the 18- to 55-year-old group and 12 people in the 65- to 85-year-old group...]