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Minimizing Covid-19 Risks

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  • Minimizing Covid-19 Risks


    Just want to share about Virol-Oxy from Germany. It's a great product to have during Covid-19 era because Virol-Oxy provides protection up to 30 days after one spray. Unlike other common disinfectant/sanitizer, Virol-Oxy coats treated surfaces with self-sanitizing coating so that incoming virus, bacteria and fungi can continuously be neutralized. With this capability, you don't have to sanitize on daily basis. Virol-oxy is safer because Virol-Oxy is not flammable and does not cause skin irritation. Virol-oxy is also more travel-friendly and portable because it comes in powder form. You just simply add ten gram Virol-Oxy to one liter water to make 1% dilution. Virol-Oxy has also been tested at 3rd party labs in Germany and the US.

    I have used Virol-Oxy since early this year. Our offices are also sanitized with Virol-Oxy weekly to minimize risk of Covid-19. For more info, go to 

    Stay safe and health folks...

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    Staying at home is minimizing the risks for sure)