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Covid19 Vaccination For People Aged 60/Older

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  • Covid19 Vaccination For People Aged 60/Older

    Indonesia started to vaccinate older Indonesians few weeks ago (only in Jakarta and Province's capital cities) .

    I was in doubt if resident foreigners could get vaccinated here in Indonesia , but as the online registration basically requires only the NIK (resident identity number) , and my SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal) also has it , I registered online (see link below) to get vaccinated (some 10 days ago) .

    Yesterday I got a Whatsapp message from the hospital (that I chose in the registration form) telling me to go there today at 10AM with my KTP . I answered that I am a foreigner and have a SKTT instead . He/she replied that he/she would ask the boss . Untill today at 9:45AM I didn't get a confirmation , so I went to the hospital anyway . At the vaccination site I said I was told to come there but was still waiting a confirmation if I could get the vaccine because I am a foreigner . The lady there asked somebody inside then returned and told me to fill another form (about if I had any of other 11 types of disease) . Few minutes later I got the Whatsapp message saying I could be vaccinated (but didn't show it to the lady from the vaccination site because I assumed she already allowed me to wait in the vaccination line . After around 15 minutes I was called , got temperature and blood pressure measured (all ok) then I got vaccinated (CoronaVac brand) . Had to wait there for almost 1 hour to be sure I didn't get any bad vaccine reaction , then got a paper stating I should return for the second shot 4 weeks later .

    Notes :
    - The SKTT is issued by the city's Catatan Sipil for any foreigner holding a KITAS/e-ITAS , it has the same information as found in a KTP (Indonesian identity card)
    - NIK is also in the KTP Orang Asing , issued for foreigners holding KITAP
    - People with disease(s) are questioned by a doctor to determine if the vaccine would be beneficial or not

    -------------------------------------------- (online registration)

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    I am a KITAP holder (already over 10 years) who qualifies for "lansia" vaccination and since almost 3 weeks ago I have been registered for vaccination on the site.

    Until today I have had no contact from the Health Department regarding an appointment for vaccination. Very slow process.

    Just wondering if there are any other expats experiencing the same slow response?
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      You could go to the place you chose and ask them . I have heard that there were people who didn't register online , but instead just went to the vaccination place and were vaccinated without pre-registering .

      Maybe I was called because I chose a big private hospital (they have the resources to do it well) . But I imagine that those government's small clinics may not have enough employees to notify all the registered people .