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Compulsory COVID vaccinations

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    Originally posted by hawk1024 View Post
    (a) ...You want to take away my chocolate too?

    (b) think it's ok to sacrifice a few..people lives...(whose lives you find expendable)...

    (a) As I said , all information is in the internet , very easy for you to get your "chocolate" .

    (b) I never said that . Let me say it in other words : if we don't vaccinate around 80% of the population , you are more probable to die due to the coronavirus (suposing you refuse the vaccine) than due to the vaccine (supposing you get vaccinated) .


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      So , in response to the Bloomberg's article (see below) stating the "unusual" Indonesian Government's move , here is how it is not "unusual" at all .

      From (01 April 2021)
      Title : Here’s how you can be forced to get the Covid vaccine in the U.S.
      By : CNBC
      [...30% of U.S. adults still don’t want to get the Covid vaccine. But many of them may not have much of a choice.
      Both states and cities can mandate vaccines based on their legislative authority, and employers also have the right to require inoculation as a health and safety work rule.]


      From (18 Feb 2021)
      Title : Indonesia to Punish Those Who Refuse to Take Covid-19 Vaccine
      By : By Arys Aditya and Claire Jiao

      [... The government can punish those who refuse the vaccine by stopping or delaying social assistance programs and administrative services as well as impose fines, according to a revised presidential rule. The actual form of the sanctions are left to local governments to decide. Making the Covid-19 vaccine compulsory is an unusual move amid widespread hesitance toward the shots that were rushed in its development...]