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Health Importance In Our Society

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  • Health Importance In Our Society

    From , Aug 2007

    [... societies can promote health in many other ways, such as through sanitation, pollution control, food and medicines safety, health education, disease surveillance, urban planning and occupational health. Greater attention should be paid to strategies for health promotion other than access to healthcare, such as environmental and public health and health research.

    Lifestyle plays a major role in most of the illnesses in industrialised nations.1 Six of the 10 leading factors contributing to the global burden of disease are lifestyle related: unsafe sex, high blood pressure, tobacco use, alcohol use, high cholesterol and obesity... Spending on healthcare accounts for about 16% of the GDP (in 2006) in the USA (poster's note : as spending is increasing , nowadays it would be more than 16% , but even considering 16% it would mean US$3.4 trillion in 2019 only in USA) ... ]
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    Talking about research , we can have an idea of governments giving a lot less importance to Health compared to the Economy .

    When statistics about the Economy is as frequent as each 3 months , the last statistics about deaths due to (#) pneumonia (in USA) seems to be dated from 2014 (from , "Vaccines You'll Need After 50" , Jan 2020) .

    (#) a disease that kills more people (in the USA) than all other vaccine-preventable diseases combined.
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      I think "High Cholesterol" is gonna be my main problem, it's still OK now, but looking to my habit to eat a delicious Indonesian food.. its hard for me to resist..


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        I do some physical exercises (some 20 min in the bed + walk/run at least 20 minutes per day) , cut sugar as much as possible (no : sweet drink , cake , sweet biscuits , ..) , cut fried/baked food (cooking at low temperature is healthier) , cut animal proteins , ..


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          When statistics about the Economy is as frequent as each 3 months.


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            Health issues are the major problem causing this days. Regular exercise, and healthy foods eating habits on time can reduced the risk of unhealthy life. Instead of those streets foods prefer homemade items , reduced the intake of sugar and artificial flavour added things and add the original product in it like instead of sugar add jaggery which is very good for health. Replace unhealthy items with healthy ones. Instead of using 4 wheelers prefer bicycle at work as it is one of the beneficial things. It will save one’s money and secondly it will improve overall body parts. Also take warm water early morning. Following simple things in life one can surely have a disease free life and also no restrictions on eating things. Healthy life is the best wealth for everyone ,so it’s better to take prevention before it’s too late.


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              Originally posted by brantelyolivia1320 View Post
              ...better to take prevention before it’s too late.

              The phrase 'prevention is better than cure' is often attributed to the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus in around 1500 (522 years ago) .

              Unfortunately our society still does very little regarding prevention in general (preventing : being sick , distroying our planet , being in debt , harming others , being ignorant , ...) .


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                Health is so important for everybody that is why it's crucial to take care of it. Sometimes it's so difficult to get to the hospital to get the help needed. That's why I usually use telemedicine apps. What do you think about them?


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                  Originally posted by Maria Janes View Post
                  ...I usually use...telemedicine apps.. What do you think about them?

                  In my view it is similar to online shopping , internet banking , online services in general , makes our life easier and more efficient . But I never used it yet because with prevention I didn't need this kind of help in the last 20 years .


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                    Originally posted by marcus View Post
                    I do some physical exercise (walk/run at least 50 minutes per day , for example) and cut sugar as much as possible (no : softdrink , cake , sweet biscuits , ..) .
                    Don't you have sometimes severe cravings for sweets?


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                      Originally posted by henryjacob1 View Post
                      Don't you have sometimes severe cravings for sweets?
                      Sometimes I do have craving for sweets , sometimes I cannot resist so I do eat a little . It was easier to avoid when I lived alone , I did not have sweets at home , but now I have kids at home so I do buy for them (they can eat a little from time-to-time) .

                      In my view we need to avoid sugar like we avoid alcohol , cigarettes , industrial medicines , narcotics ...


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                        You are absolutely right. My sugar intake is also not extreme but I was thinking of trying to eliminate as much as possible. I wanted to try to have just natural sugars from fruits etc.


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                          Health promotion initiatives such as sanitation, pollution control, health education, and disease surveillance are all important steps that can be taken to ensure the health of everyone in our society. Additionally, investing in healthcare is a great way to ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need. It's also important to organize charitable programs to make health care accessible to all citizens. So, I highly recommend taking advantage of discount cards provided under special programs to save money on medication. These cards can be found through many pharmacies and medical organizations, and they can help you save a significant amount of money on medications. Depending on the card you get, you may be able to get discounts of up to 75% on medications.