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Fogging for mosquitoes at night?

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  • Fogging for mosquitoes at night?


    Are there any fogging services in Jakarta that operate at nighttime?
    I'm asking not because I need it but because there are people in the vicinity who usually have fogging done without notifying us.
    I'm paranoid this might happen during nighttime and that we inhale all the chemicals due to sleeping with open windows.
    Please assume we cannot communicate with them. Is this a possibility? Thank you.

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    People may accept to do any kind of work at any time .

    I live (in Bandung) in the present address already 17 years and we never had fogging at night . They always did that in the morning (all over the neighborhood) , and not many times (maybe less than once a year) . Because they never charged me for that , I guess it was part of the government program .

    In my case , because they always started fooging some 100 meters from my house , by the noise I was alerted and could close all doors and windows in time to avoid inhaling the thing .

    I suggest you to talk to the Pak or Ibu RT about that .