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Quarantine Options When Arriving From Abroad

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  • Quarantine Options When Arriving From Abroad

    At present, RI regulations require all arrivals (WNI or WNA) to quarantine at an authorized hotel for 5 nights after arriving on an international flight.

    My daughter (dual WNI and WNA) went thru this process a week ago when returning from university in UK.

    I first got details about the quarantine in Feb from a young woman employed at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, who told me she had undergone quarantine at Mercure Batavia after returning from a visit to her boyfriend in France. She went to a private hotel because only WNI students and TKI are given the option to stay at Wisma.

    Although my daughter qualified for Wisma, she heard bad things about it online. Perhaps others in this forum can provide personal experiences about it.

    I contacted some directors I know in the Marriott chain and was informed in March that the government had recently authorized them to use Ritz Kuningan for quarantine, which would cost a total of >10 jt including 3 meals a day. I did not get confirmation that airport pickup and both PCR tests would be included.

    I also contacted a Novotel GM who referred me to a Mercure manager. She in turn told me that they have been authorized since last July or August. Their price is about 6 jt including both PCR tests and the airport pickup. (My understanding is that the safety protocols require a continuous isolation of the incoming passenger from the point of baggage claim to final certificate to leave the hotel.)

    Meanwhile my daughter heard of Horison in north Jakarta, which it turns out is almost directly across from Mercure Batavia. Tripadvisor gives both of them high ratings but considers Horison to be 3 star and Mercure to be 4 star. She also said that her online contacts told her "lots" of people will offer quarantine services to arriving passengers, probably with the same enthusiasm as ordinary taxis at most airports.

    Things to consider when choosing the hotel:

    1. Food -- as far as I know, they all offer 3 meals a day wrapped in plastic. Ask for photos and a menu (which typically rotates meals so that the guest doesn't get bored eating the same thing). Horison appeared to provide catered packages while Mercure said they cooked the meals in their own kitchen before wrapping.

    GoFood or other ordering from outside seems to be permitted for all of these quarantine hotels, with the front desk receiving the incoming meal/snack. Mercure also said their kitchen will make additional snacks, juice, etc. upon request, at a typical hotel menu price per item. Ritz had both western and Indonesian menus. Both Ritz and Mercure said you could repeat a previous day's meal (with advance notice) if you didn't like an upcoming scheduled meal.

    2. Wifi -- they all have it, but how strong is the signal, how fast the connection, how often does the line drop? Hard to determine this unless you know someone who has been at that particular hotel. Cable TV channels and quality of transmission will also vary from hotel to hotel.

    3. Unknowns -- most people don't want to think about the possibility that you tested negative before boarding the plane and then positive when arriving at the hotel in Jakarta. But I asked. Mercure said (a) we refund the full payment you gave us when you checked in, and (b) we refer you to another hotel that specializes in those who test positive. What were the other hotels? She named "our other Mercure in Jakarta" and Horison as two examples.

    I chatted a couple days ago with an American friend who is planning to return to Batam soon. He mentioned a published list of authorized hotels in Jakarta. He also said that Accor Jakarta offers a package for > 10 jt (possibly cheaper for WNI), which he heard about from his travel agent.

    I didn't undergo this type of quarantine myself, so I can't post about the actual experience. Hopefully others on this forum can do so.
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