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Is "Jakarta Liquor" Shop legit?

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  • Is "Jakarta Liquor" Shop legit?

    I ordered and paid wine from Jakarta Liquor to be sent to my address in Bali. According to Jakarta Liquor the package got lost. THey say since they delivered to JNE they are not responsible. From JNE I got a claim for 700.000 while I  paid 1.870.000 for 6 bottle of wine including shipment.

    Does someone know this Jakarta Liquor shop? Are they legit or a scam?

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    I can't say for sure that Jakarta Liquor is legit but their explanation on who is responsible is in line with the norm here. Once a seller transfers a package to a courier, that is the end for them. Not the same as some other countries where the seller is responsible until the package is delivered. JNE is ultimately responsible but they will have a limit of liability based on the insured price of the package. If the seller underinsured the package then you have a legit complaint with them but I wouldn't imagine they will be easily willing to come out of pocket for over 1,000,000 (but they might). I think the best way to go about this is to talk with JNE first, show them the receipt and see what they say. After you get an answer from them, you can present your case to the seller. It could go either way. Best of luck to you. In the future in might be helpful to make sure that any seller sending you anything will insure the package for the full price. If they refuse, just take your business somewhere else.


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      Originally posted by MarcDeSmet View Post
      (1) ...They say since they delivered to JNE they are not responsible ...

      (2) Does someone know this Jakarta Liquor shop? ...

      (1) This is not what happens when I buy in the shopping platforms like Shopee , Lazada , Bukalapak , ... The platform retains the money and will pay the seller only after the product is delivered to the buyer , and even after receiving the buyer has around 1 day to request the platform to delay the payment in case there is a problem with the product .

      (2) I don't know .


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        It is strange that they sent by JNE when their website says :
        3. Delivery by ESL Express (
        • Bali Province
        • Sumatera Province
        Note : from
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          I am not sure what Jakarta Liquor does is the norm here. I also buy from WIne Spirite Shop. When a bottle is broken (which did happened twice) thay made no problem. The first time they immediately sent a new bottle. The second time thay asked if they could wait replacing the broken bottle untill I placed an order again. That is professional.

          I don't know why they choose JNE. I had an Whatsapp exchange with them in which they explained the shipping cost was 70.000 (which is really cheap). I agreed and paid. They packed the goods. They choose the courier and they did or did not take out sufficient insurance. I had no say in this. So, for me they are responsible but they do not accept their responsibility.

          And yes, I know. When I buy through Blibli, Shopee or Tokopedia I can file a complaint. But this shiop does not sell via these online shops. Maybe they have been refused after problems like this problem I have with them. There is also a quite limited offering of alcoholic beverages on these shopping sites. They shipping is often very expensive and the sales price is often quite high.

          So, in my opinion I am scammed for 1870000 I paid minus 700000 I received from JNE.I have no idea how to proceed to get either my money or my wine. JNE, by the way, has been very slow and bad in responding to my inquiries. But after more than 2 months I got 700.000



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            After one month and 3 reminders JNE finally answered my question. The package was not lost as Jakarta Liquor pretended. It was damaged. This probably means they got back the damaged package which probably contained a few unbroken bottles.


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              I guess that if there were still unbroken bottles , JNE probably kept the bottles for themselves .

              Anyway , In my view , the shop acted wrongly by insuring the bottles a lot less than their real value . A JNE's employee maybe could acted wrongly too if he/she knew that the bottles were valued a lot more than the insured value .