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Salary for Engineering Manager in Jogja

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  • Salary for Engineering Manager in Jogja

    I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I couldnt find any other suitable topics...

    Basically, I am interviewing with an IT company, and at the current phase, they are asking for my expectations for the engineering manager position in Jogja...

    I have tried to google stuff, but for now nothing comes out of it... Although I have been to Jogja and Indonesia multiple times (as I am married to Indonesian), it is hard for me to figure out the avg amount for an expat...

    If anyone has experience for the similar role or knows the market for the salaries for engineering manager, could you please give some details and direction on how much I should be asking for?

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    Why would Jogjakarta be considered unique? In this global, digital age is not an Engineering Manager, an Engineering Manager, an Engineering Manager. or as Shakespeare might have said, "An Engineering Manager by any other name (or location) would earn the same." Use similar Engineering Manager salaries in Hong Kong, Singapore, KL or where ever as your base line starting point for negotiations.


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      Well actually, the offer was less than the half of my current senior engineer salary... so it has ended w/o negotiations


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        I guess Jogja, or at least one outfit in the city, is unique in expecting to attract specialized engineering talent at slave labor rates. Sorry you wasted your time.