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Moving/Shipping items from Surabaya to Bogor

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  • Moving/Shipping items from Surabaya to Bogor

    Hi everyone,

    I'm moving to Bogor from Surabaya and looking for an inexpensive way to ship my things. There is one motorbike that can go via train for IDR 450,000. I've inquired with a freight company using trains and the Kantor Post about moving 100kg. I might have more than that but am using that weight to compare prices.

    - Via train: 1st 10kg = IDR 75,000 + 5,000 per additional kg irrespective of number of boxes for a total price for 100kg = IDR 525,000.
    - Via post: 1st 3kg + IDR 27,500 + 8,000 per additional kg irrespective of number of boxes for a total price for 100kg = IDR 803,500.

    That's a bit pricey, especially if I end up with double the weight. Both of the above options would also require buying travel for myself and my wife. A third option is to hire a van and driver at IDR 400,000 per day which would become two days bringing the price back up to 800,000, but we could travel with it saving money there.

    Does anyone have any other ideas about how to move stuff across?

    Blue Skies

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    find a cargo? usually they will bring it using truck, but i think the price is about the same price as the train shippping.
    or maybe those travel bus? i think its should be around IDR 10.000 per kg for the first 5 kg, but you will need someone in bogor to take or receive your stuffs.
    for cargo, you can ask locals, for travel bus maybe esl from lorena bus, kramat jati, and few other interprovince bus.
    and you should also ask for insurance too.

    and actually, IDR 500.000 isn't very expensive for 100kg. i take taxi from soetta airport to pondok indah, cost me almost IDR 300.000 with only 2 suitcases.


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      Use Train expedition is cheapest.
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