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Thank you to the Mod Team

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  • Thank you to the Mod Team

    I'm closed the "Thank You" thread as what was intended as a thread to thank the mod team has gone off-topic with attacks on admins.

    I've allowed members who were disgruntled / unhappy to vent for several weeks now in the hopes that there would be constructive criticism amidst the gripes. We were pleased to receive reports of problems with the new software upgrade so that we could work through needed changes. I've still got a To Do list that i'm working through, so continue to forward any bugs to me via pm or email.

    But, further posts challenging the admins decisions will be infracted, as per the posting guidelines.

    Reasons for infractions:
    • Publicly challenging or belittling administrators or moderators
    If you're unhappy, flag a post, send me a pm, send me an email - you certainly have my email address.

    You have the option, just as you have always had, that if you're unhappy here, to just stop posting!
    Danielle Surkatty
    Member of the Organizing Committee
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