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Temporary ban - ohmdafyd

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  • Temporary ban - ohmdafyd

    [COLOR=#333333]Ohmdafyd has been issued with a 30 day temporary ban for publicly belittling moderators here: [/COLOR] and in a subsequent post in that thread.

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    And here is the infraction note sent to him, explaining our reasons:

    The moderation Team, minus El Goretto and Dafluff, has reviewed the thread and your posts and has concluded that an infraction for belittling 2 moderators is necessary. The public belittling of moderators is unacceptable and the we believe that your comments were not only out of line but also unwarranted. As a long time forum user, you should know that we don't take kindly to challenging moderators on the board. This infraction results in your access being denied for 30 days. You will again be able to post on the forum on 13 April 2015.

    We have reviewed those posts made by El_Goretto and dafluff to which you responded in derogatory vein and have concluded that both posts are acceptable and are not infringing our PG.

    We also believe that your bickering with Nimbus was unnecessary and uncalled for.

    And last, all opinions are welcome and while we appreciate your contributions to the forum and to the discussion, you should refrain from posting so many unedited external sources. An example is the almost 2 page long list of Abbott's shortcomings that you posted which could have easily been linked to and summarized. This extreme example is not in direct violation of our rules but definitely falls short of basic netiquette and is on the verge of spamming. The main mission of this forum, as the name implies, is essential information on moving to and living in Indonesia for expats, such as housing, schooling, community contacts and so forth. The forum is not an appropriate venue for which to repeatedly broadcast your views and musings. Living in Indonesia Forum is not your blog.

    We are issuing you with this 30-day temporary ban so that you can cool off and think about how you would prefer to contribute to the forum. Once again, your contributions and knowledge are more than welcome as long as they contribute to positive atmosphere on the board.

    If you feel that the moderation decision was unfair, feel free to contest your case to the owner of the forum at [email protected].