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  • Originally posted by Puspawarna View Post
    If I understand what sergei is saying correctly, I think that the mods are possibly MORE vulnerable than regular users, since we have to frequently re-type our passwords. (I'm always amused that I can ban someone without verifying my status, but in order to soft delete a post I have to enter my password every single time.)
    You understand correctly. If mods submit their password more often than normal user, they are at higher risk.

    Of course, I don't use my password for this message board for anything else, but I suppose I could, in theory.
    Neither do I, but majority of people do.

    I'm not even going to say how I'd vote at this point.
    Why not?
    Sergei - Your friendly neighborhood IT consultant.


    • Originally posted by atlantis View Post
      Let's wait what the security council has to say about it Lantern but indeed a strong action is required. I can't believe that some have dared to cast votes after the deadline!
      I can believe it because I saw it, what I fail to believe or understand is why it was allowed, especially as the vote was cast directly after my post #94.


      • Originally posted by sergei View Post
        Are you forgetting that three people had publicly announced they were changing their vote? The actual result is 25 vs 19 in favor of enabling HTTPS.
        I'm forgetting nothing, just commenting that a vote has been cast after the poll closure. People cannot change their votes once they have voted it's impossible, the poll tells you that you have already voted, there is no provision to change your vote depending on which way the tide is flowing.

        I have no problem with this being voted on again if members so wish after reading what has been posted here but I do have a problem with the original poll rules and regulations not being adhered to.


        • Originally posted by fastpitch17 View Post
          It's election day in your country if you have one. You go to the polling place and cast your vote at 8:00 AM. At noon you hear that your preferred candidate is actually wanted in another city for some heinous crime. You
          A. Go back to the polling place and change your vote?
          B. Realize that you voted wrong since the new information came out and can do nothing?
          C. Go about your business knowing that at the time you voted, you voted right for you?

          But I digress. Forums are not democracies, they are dictatorships and that is how they work. So, what will be will be.
          Exactly or so it seems here.

          Let the forum vote again and give the dictators the answer they wanted in the first place or we can vote again ad infinitum until they get it. LOL

          Why should I care anyway now? I only voted in favour of those in outlying areas and other Islands with slow internet speeds, If they can't post and support their position then why should I ?

          Let the Starbucks, JKT cafe/bar and "bored in a car" on their unsecure WiFi connections brigade have it their way.

          https in or out will not affect me personally anyway.

          I'm not dependent on this forum when I have a beer or a coffee, or even perhaps when I am stuck in Jakartas traffic, some people though apparently are.

          You can't help but feel sorry for them but maybe we ought to give them the https for security to prevent the paranoia that this forum will expose them and all their personal details, whilst they drink their coffee, beer or pass their time away in macet?
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          • I'm out of this forum now, you will do what you want.


            • Originally posted by pip View Post
              I'm out of this forum now, you will do what you want.
              Pip, is it really that big of deal? Like I stated previously, Forums are not Democratic to begin with. Just let it be what it will be.
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              • Originally posted by sergei View Post
                Why not?
                It's private


                • Originally posted by pip View Post
                  I'm out of this forum now, you will do what you want.
                  Chill a bit, Pip. To be honest, I am a totally puzzled at the kind of reactions this "poll" has triggered. First, I believe that it was only a "request for opinions" and the poll was only initiated to help paman to get a feeling of what the board was thinking. To be honest, I don't think that the result of the poll would dictate what the owner would do or not do. It would only give her an idea about how we feel but I don't think that she is committed to do as the board please, especially since the number of voters is pretty low and doesn't match by very far the traffic on the site or in this particular thread nor even it matches past polls initiated on more trivial matters.

                  [COLOR=#333333]Danielle/wm will do what she wants. In the world I live in, the one who pays the bill is the one who decide. Not a poll, not a poster, not a mod, no-one but the owner, or wm if you prefer.

                  Now... why do flounces never cease to amuse me... See you soon, Pip.

                  I've closed the poll yesterday so I think it's time to close the thread. [/COLOR]
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                  • So we can have closure on this thread...

                    Since the votes were neck and neck, and multiple folks have stated they would like to change their votes to Yes...the motion passes. This isn't something that we can change in a day, so I'll roll it out in due time. One day you guys will simply see the lock icon in your browser similar to this one.

                    As always both WM and I greatly appreciate all the discussion and thought around this. This community is great because of people like you. Thanks all!
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