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Permanent ban: Hombre de Maiz

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  • Permanent ban: Hombre de Maiz

    Hombre de Maiz has been permanently banned from the Living in Indonesia Expatriate Forum. In the past 3 years or so he has received 2 temporary bans, infractions for 7 offensive posts, and countless warnings. Since July 2012, he has received 3 infractions and a total of 20 active infraction points. The latest infraction, given today, brings his total to at least 23 points, even if moderators are lenient in the number of points assigned. A total of 21 or more points triggers an automatic, permanent ban by the system. Excerpts from his active infracted posts/warned-against behavior appear below.

    [COLOR=#0000ff][These comments were directed at the poster Nimbus. Note the bolded section, which suggests that Nimbus should have been assassinated.][/COLOR]
    Originally posted by Hombre de Maiz
    That's the brutal calculus of repressive, authoritarian regimes and their middle-class cheerleaders. They'll point to economic growth (and wow, was that financial house solid in 1997!) as a mitigating factor for homicide. Yeah, he'll take the bodybags and the bones thrown at him, but he cried to high heaven--on this very forum--when Prabowo and his henchmen fired upon him. Maybe his own filled body-bag would have been worth a fraction of a GDP point. Too bad Prabowo missed you on Semanggi that day. Talk about a bad case of the Stockholm syndrome. And, please, no regressions.
    Link: http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...199#post267199

    [COLOR=#0000ff][These comments were directed at John Madden and other moderators, and accuse them of baiting, stalking, and cowardice.][/COLOR]
    Originally posted by Hombre de Maiz
    Why don't you tell us more, John? … Maybe you could be brought up for baiting or, given the emerging pattern, for stalking. I know how fond a moderator is of that trumped up charge.

    The SAME Hombre as always. Not cowardly hiding behind negative rep or selectively behind the title of moderator.
    Link: http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...126#post271126


    [These derogatory remarks (noticed by the mods but not infracted) were posted – in a thread asking technical questions about religious marriage and prenups - subsequent to a warning to Hombre telling him to stop using inappropriate threads as an excuse to bash religions.][/COLOR]
    Appearances trump substance. Religion trumps the law. And then people are surprised when the law means dick here and when religion degenerates into lawlessness. Classic case of rewarding X while hoping for Y. People largely get the government and society they deserve.

    Hombre brought an intellectual vitality to the forum that many readers greatly appreciated, but a careful look at his posting history [COLOR=#333333](not all of which is available to casual browsers - his most insulting, baiting posts have in some instances been later deleted, by moderators or Hombre himself) [/COLOR]offers some insights into how his behavior led to a ban. Despite his many stimulating contributions, he was relentlessly negative, frequently bitter, and virtually never kind or encouraging to others on the forum. His disdain for nearly everything about Indonesia, not to mention his scorn for organized religion, and his contempt for views that did not match his own, came through all too unpleasantly in many posts. While he was absolutely entitled to his point of view, the way he chose to express himself made the forum an uglier and less inviting place for many people. He was very good at contributing to controversy – a trait that can help a forum to thrive – but he evidently despised the equally important work of contributing to a spirit of community. The latter trait is at the core of what the forum stands for, and what the forum founder envisioned when she created and

    Rest assured this is not simply a moderator viewpoint. Hombre’s posts were often reported – and while behind-the-scenes politicking undoubtedly played a role in some of those reports, others were from clearly disinterested parties who were repelled by his attitude. To quote a recently received report from a neutral forum member: “What is this guy’s problem? He just can't help himself, in the majority of his posts on any topic he brings up religion which in most case has absolutely nothing to do with the thread.”

    The moderation team did try to work with Hombre, suggesting changes to his posting style that would help him avoid a permanent ban. But when we reminded him of the rules, his responses were usually disparaging, putting his right to say what he pleased, in whatever tone he pleased, above the rules and culture of the forum. That made him difficult to work with. We acknowledge everyone's right to free speech, but that doesn't mean that Hombre could not be held accountable for how he chose to exercise this right.

    No one individual makes or breaks a forum. We will feel the loss of Hombre’s insightful observations, but we will also feel the effects of a more welcoming environment that treats dissenting points of view with respect.

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    @all users,
    If you want to discuss with any mod the above ban, please feel free to either PM any moderator/administrator of your choice or send any feedback to [email protected]