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Temporary Ban: John Madden

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  • Temporary Ban: John Madden

    Following this post, the Moderation Team issued the following infraction to John Madden:

    A 15 points infraction has been issued to John Madden following post #12 in this thread. As per our infraction policy, any user having reached a total of 15 infraction points in a 12 months period of time triggers a temporary ban. More than 20 points means a permanent ban.

    [COLOR=#333333]Whatever one think the post deserves, a post should in no way be insulting to another poster for the sake of the forum and to avoid to offend any poster ... so we believe that an infraction was required[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Though John Madden has a fair history and no previous infraction on his record, we[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333] believe moderators should set an example and that, when they infringe our policy, the sanction should be tougher.
    [COLOR=#333333]This took a while for us to take care of due to the Easter celebration but we all agreed that it shouldn't be left unaddressed. John Madden was the first to agree with it. We've appreciated his fairness in recognizing his wrong and have appreciated that he took the initiative to apologize to the board.

    Though it may seem unusual to infract and/or ban a moderator (I think it happened in the past ), moderators are before all, USERS. Thus, any of our posts can be reported by using the report system (small segitiga icon on the bottom left of any post). The particular post involved was not reported but we've felt that an action was required.

    John Madden has been doing an astonishing job on the moderation level, dedicating countless hours to save the forum users from having to read hundreds of spams and have always participated with a very positive spirit in all our moderation discussion. I believe that any member of the Moderation Team will feel the impact of him being out for a week. We are eagerly looking to see him back on April 8th at around 2:00 pm WIB.