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Permanent ban: Morila Mei

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  • Permanent ban: Morila Mei

    Some of you guys have been contacted by Morila Mei via our PM system. He/she was peddling an ad concerning a land in Lombok to users who did not ask anything to him/her or even showed a sign of interest for it. This is spamming and is not tolerate in this forum. Our Posting Guidelines specifically forbids any uncalled used of the PM system for advertising.
    On top of it when asked by users not to insist, he/she made a reply which has a racist undertone in my book.

    Wm took the initiative to ban him/her even before that it reaches any of the mods. We will enforce the ban so that this person, or anyone representing the same interests, doesn't access the forum in the future.

    Please, do not hesitate to report us ANY form of harassment. We'll take care of it in an appropriate manner.