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    Originally posted by atlantis View Post

    To challenge a moderation decision, again, I repeat, anyone is welcome to contact ANY mod of his/her choice to vant his/her concern and/or to have a decision reconsidered. One find that atlantis is arrogant. Fine, choose to contact any other mod...etc.
    I am not setting myself or anyone else to represent a violator on appeal. Its not the merits of the specific case or the personalities of the moderators on which I wish to comment. Perhaps this could be viewed as a distinction without a difference. When a decision is published on the board along with the policy and reasoning behind the decision, if the reasoning sounds illogical to me or the policy faulty, I would like the opportunity to respectfully say so, and to say so on the board.


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      Originally posted by bad_azz View Post
      never mind john...
      It is as effective as me saying that I posted a topic about rabied cats and 3000 people viewed it... and 3 people commented.
      It does not measure the response or the content... all it does is measure how many people clicked on the title.

      that is my point x
      Where is the rabid cat thread? I have searched but it doesn't come up... has the thread been deleted? I want dibs on the 3001st view...
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