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    So is Kingwilly banned permanently or temporarily? I would hate to see him gone...

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    Me too.... :brokenhearted: ... I love him with all of my heart..... :-(


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      He does seem to have a knack for putting his foot in it; I can relate to that. Some continuity and a savvy, knowledgeable commentator would be lost if he is permanently persona non grata.


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        The moderation is pending. We will inform the board when all moderators will have express an opinion. The post which is discussed is this one:

        Originally posted by kingwilly View Post
        Oh look, it's my own personal stalker with a shiny satpam whistle.

        Buzz off John.
        Found here.

        With one or with 10.000 posts, respecting others and respecting the forum rules is what allow a poster to keep his priviledges.

        KW has emailed a request for us reviewing the ban decision with the following message:

        Originally posted by kingwilly
        [COLOR=#000000][FONT=arial]Gimmi a break, I've been as good as gold since my last banning and JM has stalked, baited, continuously left sarcastic repo comments around the board. [/FONT][/COLOR]

        [COLOR=#000000][FONT=arial]One line telling him to stop stalking me is hardly "insulting a moderator"[/FONT][/COLOR]
        Though it won't play in the moderators' final decision, you guys are welcome to PM us your comments & opinions, as per the forum policy.
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          Kingwilly's permanent ban

          @all users,

          Please find below the statement moderators/administrators have agreed on. Out of the 7 mods/admins, Mas Rob, who is unfortunately still unable to participate to our moderation discussions and John Madden, who was involved in some of the posts discussed [COLOR=#333333]and who declined to participate in the adjudication[/COLOR], didn't take part to the moderation.

          Following a careful discussion amongst moderators, we decided that Kingwilly's subscription to this forum should be permanently terminated. His last offence, which accused John Madden of being a stalker, earned him infraction points. Although the offence itself does not lead to his permanent ban, his along with his accumulated points it triggered a permanent ban.

          It's wrong to assume that we didn't take into account his valuable contribution to this forum. In fact, due to his helpful posts we agreed three times previously to give him only a temporary ban. Our lenient policy towards him in the past was underpinned by our expectation that he would change his nasty attitude towards members he disliked. As it turned out, his bullying and provocative attitudes remained unchanged. In a nutshell, after all the chances we gave him, his attitude is still damaging this forum.

          One should remember KW's pattern of nasty behavior. The most well-known one is the abuse of rep system. As some of you may have known, he often left neg rep with some unpleasant and offensive comments to people he disagreed with. For instance, in August 2012, he gave a positive rep to Pimpin with the comment "what a dick JM is". Clearly, if this comment was on the board, an infraction would be in order. Last year, he made similar comments to this one including 'fool' and 'idiot' against members' posts. This pattern is evident when he disagreed with something but didn't have anything to say to back it up. Instead of saying anything offensive on the board, he opted to write it along with his neg-rep, hoping that no-one would see it. The rep system has its flaws, of course. But of all members we have here, only Pimpin and KW were racing to snatch The Nastiness Behind the Screen award, an accolade that only people with a certain character can be proud of.

          His constant bickering and baiting have exasperating mods and other members as well. Not only did his attitude wear us out (he regularly made post reports of dubious merit against posters he didn't like, which moderators had to take time to evaluate), but it also undermined the objective of this forum. Some valuable members ceased their participations in this forum due to his baiting and insulting posts. No matter how valuable the member is, at the end of the day, the sustainability of this forum is maintained through creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, encouraging knowledgeable members to actively participate in the discussion and answer queries from members and sticking to civility.

          All in all, we enjoyed his humour and other good sides of him. We did our best to keep him but he kept running afoul of our forum rules, which resulted in him receiving infractions and finally reaching enough points for a permanent ban.
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