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  • Bullying

    [COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333]Recently, we have noticed that there is a tendency on the board to bully other members, particularly those who may not be able to express their thoughts eloquently in English. Aside from the lack of language skill, members who come across as "different" can also be an easy target of this bullying attitude. We do not condone this kind of behaviour as it hinders our efforts to create a welcoming and friendly environment in the forum. Two recent cases have been dealt with accordingly and without a doubt, in the future the moderator team won't hesitate to take any necessary action against bullying in this forum.

    As much as we love a healthy discussion, we feel the need to strongly encourage all members to take care (and avoid unnecessary mocking that only demonstrates insensitivity) when responding to comments that sound odd, particularly coming from people whose English is their second language. This does not mean that any rebuttal to opinions or inquiring questions or comments will be heavily censored. Rather, we appreciate it if questions or comments are posed in a civil manner.

    The Moderation Team