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    Is there any gold membership to see peoples details and have bigger inbox atlantis? :P

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    Hi PRose,

    I've moved your post in a thread of its own.

    1. Details of users are confidential. Only admins and supmods have access to your IP and personal details registered in the server database. Moderators don't have such access, neither normal users whatever the number of posts they have. It won't change in order to protect the privacy of any users.

    2. At the moment, there is no plan to allow a bigger inbox to users having reach X number of posts. However, this is an idea that can be discussed. I will contact the admins to see if we can set it. I believe that it is possible but would require to create a new user group for users having reach X number of posts. This is technically possible I believe (but remember, I am no techie, it's just an assumption) but it can be an headache for wm to set.


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      bigger inbox would be handy , but not needed . Its all to easy to delete your old pm,s and if theres a pm you so attached to that you cant stand the thought of ever deleting it , then you could always copy and paste that pm into notepad , or microsoft word ( or macs version of ) and save to that way .


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        I'm thinking about it too... I mean I can just delete some or all of my old pms but somehow I don't want to delete of those pms... hmm... what weird is I don't think those pms are important I just want to keep them


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          Originally posted by atlantis View Post
          Hi PRose,

          I've moved your post in a thread of its own....
          Well my post was to make some sarcasm about last few days looking for bf, gf forums where the forum is starting to become a dating website. Looking other peoples personal details, I don't want anyone to see mine, or I don't want to see anyone's. About the bigger inbox it's all about server capacity, maybe can be given to active users, if user did not login for 6 months messages can be deleted.


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            PMs are treated like emails... I doubt many people delete emails... I tried that years ago, but now I have a bit over a thousand in my yahoo mailbox. My guess is that there's no warning that pops up saying "your inbox is full" on here. I'll never know, it's rare for me to get PMs.
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              i've got the warning to clean up my inbox too... , i saved the latest pms since if you scroll down the messg you can still see the previous conversation, after doing that i save 50 % of the quota ..
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                Users are allowed to have 50 PMs in their PM box (inbox & outbox). If you reach a number close to it, the server send you a message to warn you. If the PM box has already reached 50 messages stored, any subsequent PM is rejected.

                A good way to save space is just to set your account so that any PM is redirected to your email box. Store it there and delete them from your Expat Forum PM box.