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    Dear Forum.
    Does anyone have experience / advice on Robot Trading on Forex. My Wife has been given a chance to join with Net89. Is it worthwhile, getting a good sales pitch but nervous about Market ups and downs.

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    I don't have any advice on forex or robot trading . Unfortunately I have to buy/sell USD to bring money to Indonesia for my living expenses , but not as an investment .


    Title : Bappebti Blocks 137 fraudulent investments, says PT SMI (Net89)
    By Lidya Julita S., CNBC Indonesia , 22 May 2021

    [The Ministry of Trade through the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) has blocked 137 fraudulent investment entities. The blocking carried out .. includes offering forex investment through the sale of trading robots .
    The blocked entities consist of 117 websites, 12 Instagram accounts, and 8 Facebook accounts in the field of commodity futures trading (PBK).

    ..."I really appreciate the concrete steps taken by Bappebti . This is because hundreds of these entities have intentionally and openly taken the name of PT SMI and have greatly harmed us," said PT SMI (Net89) President Commissioner Andreas Andreyanto ...
    Andreas added, of the 117 blocked website domains, there are 33 website domains that offer forex investment through the sale of forex trading software on behalf of Net89 or PT SMI. These sites offer passive income and promise no-loss profits in forex trading.

    "In these sites, they offer passive income and promise profits without losses in forex trading . Ordinary people are also asked to pay a certain amount of funds according to the package offered to buy robots and deposit funds to foreign futures brokers, then The robot will work automatically, without the need for analysis and open positions directly," he explained...

    "The public is advised not to be easily tempted by various promises offered by fraudulent investors because trading using robots also carries the risk of experiencing losses. In addition, people are also asked to always be aware of offers with the lure of getting bonuses if they succeed in recruiting new members as members of the community. downline because in futures trading the term is not known," he explained.

    For information, PT SMI (Net89) is a pure direct selling company that only sells products in the form of e-books and EA Creator software, and runs its business in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 7 of 2014 and PP No. 29 of 2021. PT SMI does not sell investment products and investment robot software .

    "They (web-web serta situs-situs yang ditertibkan) openly use the Direct Selling Trading Business License (SIUPPL) owned by PT SMI and displayed through their websites. I really hope that people don't believe in sites that are not the official website. The official website owned by PT SMI is If there is a website other than that, then it is not part of PT SMI, "he said.