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Simplifying Is Harder Than Complicating

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  • Simplifying Is Harder Than Complicating

    Bloomberg , 24 April 2021
    Title : Science Shows Why Simplifying Is Hard and Complicating Is Easy
    By Andreas Kluth

    [Why is everything so darned complicated? And I really mean everything: our taxes, schedules, bureaucracies, machines, algorithms, org charts, our school and welfare and healthcare systems, you name it...

    That’s the insight of a new paper published in Nature and authored by Gabrielle Adams, Benjamin Converse, Andrew Hales and Leidy Klotz, the University of Virginia. In eight observational studies and experiments, they found that people systematically overlook opportunities to improve things by subtracting and default instead to adding...

    Spotting solutions that are simple and elegant,...requires mental effort... It’s an idea physicists might recognize in the second law of says that any system will go from order to disorder, unless you add energy. In the same way, we humans tend to complicate things unless we make an effort not to...

    That’s what the philosopher Blaise Pascal captured when he apologized, “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.”]